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Sports fans across the United States can thank for answering one of the most important questions. A recent survey was conducted by the site, and the results revealed the sport and the athletes with fans with the highest average IQ score.

There were over 1,000 sports fans selected for this study, and they were not just randomly selected. All participants had to claim allegiance to a sport or an athlete to be included in the date.

When the final results were tallied, it was WWE and the NHL that clearly have the smartest fans in the US. There will be some arguments or questioning of the data, but the results speak for themselves. 

WWE fans recorded an average IQ score of 112.60, and the NHL was right behind them at 112.3. The NBA was third on the list at 110.70, and then there was a big drop after the leaders. 

Fans were asked a series of questions in the following categories:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Mathematical Ability
  • Verbal intelligence.

In all four of the categories, it was the WWE or NHL that came out on top, with professional wrestling fans finishing either first or second in every category. NASCAR fans won’t like the results of this survey as the average IQ score of this sport is just 95.2.

When the final results were tallied, it was WWE and the NHL that clearly have the smartest fans in the US. also broke down the results to compare males vs. females, and there was a clear leader. Female sports fans had an average IQ score of 109.6, and males were well behind at 105.5.

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This survey is loaded with information, and some of the most storied franchises in sports have some very intelligent fans. NASCAR is going to have to change up its target audience if it plans on increasing the average intelligence of its viewers.

Any WWE Fans to Brag?

This survey should allow WWE fans to puff out their chests to other sports fans, but it’s hard to see this occurring. There just aren’t that many WWE fans left, at least not in comparison with the other five sports that were studied.

You will likely see some NHL fans showing off this data in the coming weeks, as these results paint them in a good light. The three biggest sports in the US likely don’t care about the average IQ of their fans as these leagues continue to make money.

Roman Reigns was the athlete that had the highest average IQ score for his fans at 126.4.

Doesn’t Test Sports Knowledge

While this information will likely solve a number of arguments, perhaps the biggest question still remains. This survey did not answer, “Which teams have the most knowledgeable fans,” and questions about sports weren’t even included.

This seems to be a much bigger argument with baseball fans, and the average lack of intelligence could explain it. Instead of having this argument in a bar with a rival team, perhaps doing some trivia or crossword puzzles is in order. 

If WWE fans want to brag about the results of this poll, they will likely face backlash from fans of other sports. This is a nice “feather in the cap” for fans of wrestling, but it won’t help them gain any respect in the sports community. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Women were the biggest winners of this study, as they can now claim to have a higher average intelligence than men. This could lead to some very unhappy households after viewing these survey results, but the information is set in stone. 

Even though the biggest question still remains, this is useful information that will be brought up for years to come.