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Video poker is known to be extremely popular in any online casino. There are fans all over the world who choose this game. Unlike slots, video poker is a game that requires skills and winnings do not depend on luck only. That is why most gamblers choose video poker

Most modern online casinos offer the opportunity to play video poker and get decent winnings. This makes the game attractive for newcomers and experienced gamblers alike. It is important to keep in mind that the game has a large number of varieties offered by the best software providers.

Developers create effective game varieties by adding different innovations to traditional video poker versions, such as bonuses, wild symbols, multipliers, and more. Each game has differences in the rules, as well as a specific paytable.

Video Poker with Full Pay and Low Pay

Full-pay video poker versions start from classic five-card stud poker with an exchange. This is one of the popular types of video poker and is rarely used in professional tournaments. You can find such a game among Jacks or Better. Features of this game include

  • the RTP rate of 99,5%;
  • traditional winning combinations;
  • full house payout is 9 times the bet;
  • flush pays 6 times the bet.

There are also more lucrative full-pay video poker options, such as Deuces Wild which offers an RTP rate of over 100%. There are options with lower payback rates. They fall into the category of low payout games because the return to the player is less than 95%. In this option, the casino has more of an advantage and such games do not appeal to experienced gamblers. To choose a profitable game, be sure to read the payout table and see what payouts are provided for the flush and full house.

These are the easiest options for choosing a good game, so pay attention to the above criteria when looking for the best video poker for yourself. The Deuces Wild version is still one of the popular ones.

Video Poker with One Hand and Multiple Hands

Video poker usually has more options for a single game. This means that the gambler can only bet on one hand at a time. These are the same conditions as in table poker. More recently, more modern versions of the game have emerged that offer multiple-handed play. Three to five or even hundreds of hands can be played simultaneously in a single hand.

Power Poker is a multi-hand game that begins with the distribution of a regular hand. With five cards, the player chooses which cards to keep and which to discard. In this game, there is a greater chance of creating a winning combination, unlike single-hand poker.

The bet the player chooses is placed separately for each hand. For example, if you play with five dollars, you end up betting $500 per hand if there are 100 games of video poker. Video poker with multiple hands is attractive because it offers high payouts, even for multiple winning hands. It is possible to get a percentage of returns in a short period of time.

Experienced gamblers usually choose only video poker with multiple hands, as there is an opportunity to make low bets and get high returns. The challenge is that winning a large sum in this variant of the game is quite problematic, you need to use a successful strategy.

Different Types of Video Poker

A huge number of video poker variations can be found in online casinos. They range from simple to more complex games with high and low payouts. Most of them are based on Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Each game has certain distinct features. It's especially important to pay attention to the payout table where you can see the potential winnings.

Some games have Wild Cards. These can be jokers, deuces, or any other cards that can substitute for different cards so that players can create winning combinations more easily. Other game options with high payouts for certain hands can be found in the four-eight combination and many others.

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  • Jacks or Better: This is the easiest type of video poker. The RTP rate is 99.54%. There are also games with low pay. It is better to choose games with full jacks pay, which consist of one hand
  • Dueces Wild: This is a popular version of video poker that can be found in any online casino. The games come in different types but they use a deck of 52 cards. Four deuces or twos are special symbols that the player can use to substitute other cards and create a winning combination. The lowest hand in this game is a three. Four deuces are the best hand after the Royal Flush.
  • Tens or Better: This variation of the game is similar to Jacks or Better. Only one deck can be used in it. Winning combinations are arranged in the same order. You can win here quite often. Keep in mind that the payout table can be adjusted, so read the current information before you play for real money.

Bonus Video Poker

This type of bonus offers generous payouts for certain quad combinations. For example, players can get a good profit for four aces. The most winning combination is a pair of Jacks. The rest of the combinations are paid in the traditional order.

In bonus video poker, getting paid for a full house is 8 times the bet. The expected RTP rate is 99.17%. This suggests that the game is quite generous. Bonus video poker is great for new players who don't have much poker experience.

Aces and Faces

A more complex version of video poker, which is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Payouts start with the Jacks or Better hand. The game has high payouts for the combinations with jacks that are created by aces, jacks, queens, and kings. In the standard game, the payouts are not as high as in this version. The RTP rate is at least 99.3%.

Joker Poker

A great fun game that is suitable for beginners and experienced gamblers alike. It is played with a deck of 53 cards. Unlike the standard deck, there is a joker that can replace any other card. Thus, players have a slightly better chance of winning.

The first winning hand is higher than in most other video poker variations, Kings or Better. The extra wild card provides an opportunity to form a combination that increases the odds of winning.

There are three main types of video poker that offer different profits. There are full-pay and low-pay games. Mostly you can find projects that offer an RTP of 100.6%.

Video Poker with Progressive Jackpot

There are always chances to win the biggest prize. These video poker versions are often enjoyed by players. A progressive video poker is a great option where a fixed payout amount is provided for each winning combination. In this game, the winning combination can be in a royal flush, street flush, or squad.

As a rule, all progressive jackpot games are based on a version of Jacks or Better.

There are several options that players can choose to bet with real money. Before placing a bet, it is important to carefully read the game rules, payout table, and maximum bets, and use the best strategy to help increase the chances of winning.

It is best to choose a specific type of video poker and focus on playing it. Here are some basic tips for playing video poker:

  • choosing a reliable online casino;
  • games from the best software providers;
  • a high RTP rate;
  • games with full payout;
  • the ability to use bonuses.

Choose the best option to play online video poker real money. Use your skills and experience, and enjoy the gameplay.