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For the most part, a whistleblower is considered as an individual with high moral standards. And these high standards inspire them to speak out about corruption, mismanagement, or mistreatment inside the work area. It is also safe to assume a whistleblower has extensive experience in their field, hence the reason for noticing foul play. This part is somewhat critical for any whistleblower because they have to know what they are talking about. In other words, a whistleblower is bound by doing things the right way.


Becoming a whistleblower in 2020 is easier than it ever has been thanks to technology. Websites such as The Doe. offer potential whistleblowers and others who wish to stay anonymous, a platform to tell their story in an anonymous, verified manner. This creates trust and in the medium to longer erm means the right thing will eventually be done.

Of course, there are several challenges involved with taking the position of a whistleblower. Many of them are going to be legal in nature, but this is why skilled attorneys in the District of Columbia are available. In addition to providing valuable advice, they can provide their services in terms of helping a whistleblower take the first step. We discussed whistleblowing and anonymity with The Doe and here are some of the elements we discussed that all potential whistleblowers should get familiar with.

Motivation Does Not Equal Information

The role of a whistleblower involves drawing attention to unlawful actions or other types of misconduct by managers and employers. And it is very common for whistleblowers to harbor feelings of betrayal once they discover what goes on behind the curtain. For instance, if an employee is certain his or her company manufactures faulty or dangerous products, they are likely to feel hurt. Some employees think very highly of the people that employ them, only to discover something revolting later on. While these feelings alone are enough to motivate action, they cannot stand up in court. Hence the reason for basing these feelings on hard facts and solid information.

The Legal Stance of a Whistleblower

The legal protection a whistleblower gets and the rights they can empower will depend on the situation. This is why all whistleblowers should get counsel from an expert before they do anything. The action that needs to be taken, as well as the possible complications involved, are going to be discussed during this meeting.

To Qualify as a Whistleblower

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There are no mandatory rules or criteria for whistleblowers. If the employee can provide strong enough information to make a legal case, he or she can turn the tide on corruption. Although, it does come across as somewhat sinister when whistleblowers insist on receiving financial compensation for the information they have.

The fact is, laws surrounding whistleblower rewards vary, meaning not all whistleblowers stand to receive financial compensation. The strength of the information they carry plays a big part in deciding if a possible reward comes with it. But if there is more than one whistleblower that can put forward a case without internal conflict, the odds of winning the case are better. Thus, it is possible for whistleblowers to stand together as a group, which can make things easier.

As mentioned earlier, in order for a case to be strong, the whistleblower has to be experienced in their job position. More specifically, they should be able to tell (without question) if their employer is up to something unlawful. Not being confident about this will weaken the case significantly.

Receiving Monetary Rewards

Monetary rewards were implemented with the specific aim to help whistleblowers come forward. But this does not mean every whistleblower is out for the money. In fact, the money should be used to pay for decent legal representation, seeing as the motivation behind speaking out is based on morals - not the monetary value.

Luckily, most whistleblowers do not even ask about financial rewards. They are too focused on rectifying a serious wrong. And the rewards that follow are mere positive consequences.

Whistleblowers Play Important Roles

At the end of the day, the government depends on whistleblowers. Otherwise, they will be left in the dark regarding many unlawful operations. But the necessity for whistleblowers to come forward has only gained attention in recent years. So, once again, whistleblowers should take the time to speak with an expert attorney. Get all the legal information necessary if any wrongdoing is going to be stopped.