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After years of scientific research, Ashley Black has created the tools necessary to alleviate chronic pain and the appearance of cellulite.

The FasciaBlaster was an innovative solution to Black’s own health problems. From its humble beginnings, this tool is now being used by millions of people around the globe. Once her product reached the shelves of the public, she was ecstatic by the raving reviews of customers. Whether you are a model, entrepreneur, or healthcare worker, everyone needs to look after their bodies to maintain their wellbeing. So how exactly are the FasciaBlaster and its associated tools making life more smooth-sailing?

Say Good-Bye Stress

The symptoms that arise due to extreme stress may hinder you from achieving your goals at any given moment. In addition to mental fatigue, you are also bound to feel its debilitating effects throughout your body. Anyone who is experiencing extensive migraines or is struggling to retain a calm mindset will benefit from Fasciablasting. The fascia, the connective tissue Black’s products target, surrounds the brain. By using her tools on the fascia of the arms, neck and head, you can stimulate the fascia that makes us feel like our brains are being strangled. 

The FasciaBlaster brings calm and relief to your mind. It does this by also increasing the blood flow to the brain, effectively easing tension and delivering oxygen. For example, if you have been suffering from tightness in your head or neck because of a hectic schedule, FasciaBlasting will ultimately loosen stiffness. By relaxing the body, it helps control sustained adrenaline levels.

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Wash Away the Pain

Although pushing yourself to work incessantly may seem to be the key to success, this is far from the truth. Being overworked causes bodily pain and mental discomfort that will hinder you from performing optimally in the long run. This is a problem experienced by many. But regular use of the FasciaBlaster tools can reverse all the stress in the body, because the fascia is all one system and it communicates as a whole. And the message after FasciaBlasting is “relax body.”

With regular fascia treatment, Black was able to overcome a disease that caused her waves of piercing pain and posed a large threat to her living a long and happy life. After years of scientific study, researchers discovered that the root of her pain, and many others, was tissue damage. Tissue damage is thought by many to be the genesis of many chronic pains, and everyone is waiting for more research to surface addressing this topic. But in the meantime, the FasciaBlaster has already proven to be the solution to reverse tissue damage, so we can already be empowered to take our health into our own hands.

A Mission to Empower Others


Black states on her website that her mission is to empower others. She wants to give people the same chance at freedom that she has gained by acknowledging the power of fascial care. She wants people to perceive the importance of health in a brand new way.

Black advocates for a world that supports health and longevity. Building your finances and other secondary goals will follow if you are dedicated to your well-being first. She brings knowledge, awareness, and education to a global audience through her best-selling books and exclusive interviews. To know more about her generous work towards the health of every human being, visit her website here.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Follow Ashleys incredible journey on Instagram, or the Fascialblaster official page here.