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The PR expert, Nikhilesh Menariya, assists various digital entrepreneurs and web3 projects to become successful brands in the web space.

Nikhilesh - LA Progressive

The world in general has evolved more than the imagination of any of our ancestors, and so has the business world. We no longer run businesses on brick-and-mortar systems alone. Over the last decade, the internet has played an important part in building businesses for many people. Although it has revolutionized the world of business, the internet has not stayed the same. It has also redesigned itself over the past few years. Today, it is no longer about the users consuming data, but rather about them creating that data themselves.

With these changes coming around, the internet has given opportunities to many digital entrepreneurs to blossom. Who are the digital entrepreneurs? These are the people who have internet-based businesses. Unlike traditional entrepreneurs, they channel the power of the internet to offer their products and services. With their primary platform for building a brand being the internet, they need to harness it to reach their prospective customers.

One needs to be certain about having a strong online presence when it comes to running a business on the web. Building a brand online on your own can be a hit-or-miss shot. In such cases, seeking the help of experts specializing in this area of service can be the best approach. Nikhilesh Menariya is one of those experts who has changed the game for many digital entrepreneurs with his PR strategies.

Nikhilesh’s PR Strategies In Digital Space

When we think of PR, the traditional methods of creating awareness through magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and release parties come to our minds. However, PR in the digital space is slightly unconventional. According to Nikhilesh, who observed that most online business owners struggled with establishing authority and credibility, PR can be the exact solution they are looking for. PR in the digital space is about maintaining a brand's online image. PR offers a multitude of opportunities for brands by increasing visibility, credibility, authority, and reputation.

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The co-founder of Tick Tigers was inspired to use his PR strategies to help digital business owners and entrepreneurs increase their authority and credibility online so they could succeed. According to Nikhilesh, PR is all about building relationships and networking with the right people. And social media facilitates this possibility. The primary social platforms that can help entrepreneurs connect with the right kind of audience while promoting their brands are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Promoting the brand on these channels is the key.

The reason Nikhilesh ought to be regarded as the best at what he does is that he has first-hand experience and understanding of establishing himself as a brand. After realizing what these digital business owners were lacking while building their brands, Nikhilesh developed his brand using PR strategies to show that he was the perfect choice for boosting others' credibility. This has led to him working with over 100 digital entrepreneurs and web3 projects to increase their authority and credibility through his PR services and strategies.

Why Is PR Important For Digital Entrepreneurs?

Nikhilesh asserts that since the digital entrepreneurs’ businesses essentially run on the internet, what PR does is that it introduces these brands to new audiences by improving their ranking on search engines, growing their web traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales via blogs, articles, social media shares, podcast features, unlinked mentions, etc.

With the rising number of entrepreneurs providing similar kinds of services, the right PR strategies can be game-changing for these entrepreneurs. Nikhilesh's strategies have proven to produce results for digital entrepreneurs while also growing their businesses. He now aims to assist more and more businesses in increasing authority and credibility with PR services.

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Finally, Nikhilesh claims that he is successful because of the people he associates with. He claims that these are the people who will make or break you. He believes that spending time with the right people is essential for personal and professional growth.