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Have you ever read a book that stays with you long after you finish reading it? Have you ever found a novel where you resonate perfectly with a character? The most important stories are those where you can see a reflection of yourself in a character’s personality or struggles.

Every avid reader knows what it's like to have a life-changing experience by reading a book that is so soul-stirring and real that you will live with those characters inside your head for the rest of your life (rent-free!). Look no further because you've found that next experience with Sage Marrow's novels.

Who is she? Let's dive into her life and discover how she's mastered her craft.

(Have you read The Calladon Chronicles by Sage Marrow? If not, you are seriously missing out on something special!)


Sage Marrow was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on January 3rd, 1991. She wrote her first novel, "The Dark Within Us," at 14. Since then, she has published The Calladon of Chronicles, which became a best-selling series. Readers have described Sage’s novels as a transcendent, sweeping experience. She is a master at storytelling and never fails to create a fulfilling reading experience.

Her work has won her critical acclaim across the world and has been regarded as "vivid," "immaculate," and "stirring." Marrow's novels are remarkably unique. She redefines young adult fiction as she takes her readers along an exciting journey to explore the formative years, including how teens face expectations and what it means to be yourself.

Her most recent publication, Dreamweaver, is a standalone novel that explores what it means to love yourself because of your imperfections. This book revolves around Enea, a complex character that is everything you need a strong female protagonist to be. From birth, Enea battles an impediment that ignites a battle between mind and body as the frequency of nightmares targeting her, threatening her life, increases. She wants nothing but to ensure her twin sister is cared for and that life goes on as usual when you have loved and lost as they have. It turns out that she can transform the nature of a nightmare, which doesn't go unnoticed. When she learns that there are plans to test the parameters of her dream collecting, Enea is left with no choice but to fall in line with the demands, or those she cares for will suffer. She soon discovers that there is more on the line than just those she loves. Life itself is unraveling. Threatened with the destruction of everything, Enea is entangled in a battle that has lasted for centuries between one who wants to destroy the world and those who dare try to stop him.

Sage's work speaks for itself. She is exceptional, pushing her readers past the limits of their imagination. The worlds she creates and the characters that readers travel alongside will break your heart, mend it, question everything you thought you knew about yourself, and carry you along breathlessly from the first page to the last.

Sage Marrow's books depict the true adventure every curious fantasy fiction lover is looking for.

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The Calladon Chronicles – A Series of Soul-stirring Novels

Living inside your imagination is pretty cool. You have the liberty to conquer the whole world that you can design to your every whim. But would you be up for the task if you are asked to invite others into your imaginative world and blend reality with fantasy in a compelling, haunting, thought-provoking way? This is what Sage Marrow's novels are about: plunging the readers into the world of imagination.

Sage Marrow, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, was 14 years old when she wrote her first novel, The Dark Within Us. Since then, she has published The Calladon of Chronicles. This exciting series is wonderfully inventive and offers a sweeping experience, quickly becoming a best-selling series and winning critical acclaim from global readers. It might be surprising for many people to learn that Sage Marrow holds two bachelor's degrees in public health and nursing. Alongside her love for science, Marrow's creative side persuaded her to be a novelist. She is an exceptional writer who never fails to create a fulfilling reading experience.

Her work has been regarded as "vivid," "immaculate," and "stirring." Marrow's novels are a proper form of living art. Her books revolve around the lives of young adults, and she masterfully explores the complexities of growing into oneself, meeting expectations, and conquering fears.

But the question is, what differentiates Marrow's work from others and makes it extraordinarily catchy?

Sage Marrow's writing centers around the normal person in a fictional form. Her novels focus on young adults during their initial and formative years. Besides this, her work stands out from her competitors thanks to her unparalleled ability to engage readers. Her books are entertaining yet thought-provoking, heart-warming, and heart-breaking. And the way she blends reality into a fantastical form of storytelling is just immaculate. We're obsessed.

Her book "The Dark Within Us," is a must-read! Marrow redefines young adult fantasy in this breath-of-fresh air for her readers. The book follows the life of 17-year-old Kal. Look no further if you are looking for a novel with a fantastic, strong female protagonist. Readers have described Kal as wonderfully complex, smart, and relatable within her struggles. In this first book of the series, she finds that her best friend isn't a human, and he needs her help as his world crumbles in the grip of evil. It is a remarkable novel in the truest sense of the word.

"The Dark Within Us" is Marrow's first installment in The Calladon Chronicles, followed by "Weaving Threads of Feeling," "Decaying Souls and Mind Songs," and "We Are Light and Glory”.

The Calladon Chronicles is a wonderful young adult fiction series with twisting, intriguing plots and characters that are wonderfully real. Readers can immerse themselves in the fantastical world that Sage Marrow has created alongside characters that readers can connect with on a personal level as she explores what it means to be human.

If you're a fan of action-packed, exceptional young adult fiction, The Calladon Chronicles by Sage Marrow is for you. In addition to Calladon Chronicles, she has published other popular books, including The Sevenwars Trilogy. In this three-book series, she has reimagined fairytales you are familiar with, interweaving them into a tale that will grip you from the start and carry you along on an adventure. Marrow's most recent publication, Dreamweaver, is a standalone novel that explores what it means to love yourself because of your imperfections. This novel follows Enea in her journeys as she is pulled unwillingly into a scheme that tests the limits of her ability to gather dreams from other people. This fantastically soulful novel dare to question what holds us back from realizing our dreams, and we are here for it.