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With a total gross gambling yield of £5.9 billion in the UK, is a staggeringly lucrative industry. However, with the rise of online gambling, traditional brick-and-mortar casinos are on the decline and the industry seems to be staking its future on the online scene. It makes sense too – a platform means that access to games is always high. This would have proven incredibly useful during the recent pandemic where casinos had to close their doors to their regular customers. One factor that has always worked in tandem with gambling is the media and examining its influence on the industry may reveal why it has become so popular and, consequently, profitable.

The media has a massive role in how gambling is marketed to the wider public.

The media has a massive role in how gambling is marketed to the wider public. The media can be best thought of as all major means of mass communication as a collective, including print, marketing, and advertising. Because of its inherent nature, it is not just a useful tool to the gambling industry, it is a must-use. The media can reach the majority of developed countries and so the opportunity for a bigger audience is too great for gambling companies to pass up. In the UK, the gambling industry has spent a grand total of £1.4 billion on advertising since 2012, which shows how reliant the industry is on the media.

Perhaps the one way that the gambling industries utilise the media is through TV broadcasting. As the only way to watch sports are through broadcasters such as ESPN, BT and Sky, gambling companies take advantage of this exclusivity and a subsequent huge audience to promote their products. These come in the form of adverts and billboards and is perhaps the single most effective way that the gambling industry markets its products. As the audience they are targeting will no doubt be interested in sports, this form of media is perfect for the gambling companies to utilise and is a large reason why the industry is so successful.

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Social media is another form of media that had been greatly used in recent years by the gambling industry to market its products. Applications like Snapchat and Instagram have exploded in popularity in the 2010s and have opened new opportunities to reach a new generation of players. The concept of going ‘viral’ is deeply ingrained in social media culture, and gambling companies use this advantage to create campaigns that attract a greater number of people to gamble. Social media has also seen the rise of ‘tipsters’. These tipsters are often sponsored by betting companies like bet365, a complete review about bet365 can be found here, to promote playing on their platform. It is clear the growth of social media has offered new, creative ways for the gambling industry to promote its products.

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The media is arguably the gambling industry’s greatest asset as it allows it to reach the greatest amount of people possible. For as long it exists, gambling advertisements will continue to be seen and accessed by millions of players across the world.