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The Scientist

The man referred to as ‘Scientist Bruce’ on the pages of Marcel Sahade’s conspiracy thriller ‘the DrugTech Trilogy’ is a brilliant yet troubled mind. In his youth, Bruce was as eccentric as he was intelligent. A typical introvert, Bruce was usually the smartest person in the room, and he knew it. He wasn’t afraid to challenge his own teachers and took every opportunity to point out his mistakes.

The Younger Years of Scientist Bruce

A typical introvert, Bruce was usually the smartest person in the room, and he knew it.

When he was younger, Bruce didn’t get along with most students his own age. His best and only friend was a boy named Thomas. Soon before turning 18, Bruce told Thomas that he would be building a laboratory out by the countryside and intended to go off the grid for 10 years to work on his scientific research and experiments. Thomas tried to encourage his friend to follow a more traditional path and enroll in university, but the genius wouldn’t listen.

The Trans Warp Inducer

Sure enough, 10 years later, Bruce resurfaced, inviting his high school friend to his secret lab to show him the invention he had been working on. The Trans Warp Inducer was a technology meant to enable someone to teleport from point A to point B.

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When readers are reintroduced to Scientist Bruce 10 years later, he appears even more eccentric and anti-social than before and comically apathetic toward the lives of other people. In fact, he allows his own friend to be the next test subject for the Trans Warp Inducer, leading to Thomas’ death. Scientist Bruce seems more disappointed in the failure of his invention than the death of his own best friend.

Scientist Bruce Gets the Attention of DrugTech

Eventually, the murder of Thomas is exposed, and Bruce faces the wrath of the law, only escaping a prison sentence by pleading insanity. Once institutionalized, Scientist Bruce is visited by another scientist from DrugTech, a corrupt pharmaceutical company at the center of Marcel Sahade’s DrugTech Trilogy.

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Dr. Saanvi Patel reveals that DrugTech is interested in the Trans Warp Inducer, whose supposed ability to transport people’s minds across time itself. Scientist Bruce believes that such a feat would be impossible, but Dr. Patel and DrugTech believe otherwise. Intrigued, Scientist Bruce agrees to help assist DrugTech. Together, the two of them devise a plan for Scientist Bruce to escape from the asylum.

To find out more about Scientist Bruce and the nefarious DrugTech, read Marcel Sahade’s DrugTech trilogy today.

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