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We recently discovered TheBeesKingdom, a brand new initiative that appears to be quite promising. The designers' commitments are very powerful, and they might have a big impact on the message shared with the NFT community, with a plan centered on safeguarding web 3.0 and the environment.

They decided to contribute $100,000 from their collection to non-profit groups dedicated to bee conservation. Because the founders did not want to impose their choice on the community, the community will be able to vote for the receiving organization. Bee preservation is a really important cause, and TheBeesKingdom realized this by deciding to build a project around the protection of these species, bringing together two usually diametrically opposed sectors: investing and environmental preservation.They seem to have placed a premium on design quality, with amazing, distinctive designs that provide significant value to their project.

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In a time where dozens of NFT projects are launched every day, it might be difficult to find unique ideas that provide actual value, as TheBeesKingdom project does.

Six members make up the BeesKingdom team:

Julien C, Project Manager

Lead Character Designer Thibault M

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Designer Dimitri C.

Developer Jonathan H

Blockchain specialist Amine L

Public Relations - Florian L.

A promise that will entice many investors looking for unique projects that will provide real value for their money. TheBeesKingdom is able to spread a message on a large scale and federate around this environmental drama that too few people are concerned about today by building a strong and sustainable community around their project.

The market for NFTs is rapidly expanding, and new, limitless opportunities emerge on a daily basis. Without a doubt, NFT is the way of the future. Because the NFT market is attracting an increasing number of small and large-scale investors, it is an excellent way for them to spread their message on a global scale. The collection will be sold for 0.2eth per NFT.

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On the side, the project is working on a second action: preserving web 3.0 by putting in place concrete actions to resist market scams. A significant effort, but one that displays a high level of intelligence and a desire to reach as many people as possible.