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William Shakespeare once wrote, "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."

Thomas Beggs

It's safe to say that Thomas Beggs, the President, and CEO of Worldwide Precious Metals, has achieved greatness in a big way. Born into humble beginnings, Thomas bucked the odds of a low expectation environment to spearhead one of Canada's largest physical bullion firms.

Some people are born with a work ethic and ambition, which is evident from day one. Such individuals are almost predestined to rise from their environment and leave their mark on the wider world no matter what obstacles and curveballs life throws.

Although, as a naturally modest person, Thomas is quick to downplay his achievements, his unique journey proves the sky is still the limit in a world where big ambition and big dreams are often frowned upon.

"I've always been a positive and decisive person," explained Thomas. "I believe in being resilient, flexible, and adaptive to any situation. I believe all these traits have stood me in good stead when it comes to running a successful business."

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The avid golfer had his first taste of the workplace when he worked on a golf course as a 13-year-old. He then tried his hand at various industries and roles before he finally landed his dream gig - working in the precious metal industry.

As the youngest ever owner of a business like Worldwide Precious Metals, Thomas brings the wealth of experience and skills he picked up in his other roles.

"I have a solid respect for honesty and integrity in the workforce," explained Thomas. "I expect such things from myself and value them in others. I chose this career because I was attracted to pouring my time and energy into a company whose sole purpose is to grow wealth and enable financial security."

Established in 2002, Thomas purchased Worldwide Precious Metals from his business partner four years ago in 2016. With Thomas at the helm, the company has experienced a dizzying surge of exponential growth.

Through the highs and lows, Thomas's watchwords continue to remain, 'integrity' and 'trust.' He explained, "I believe in working hard and working fair to get things done. You shouldn't get into business purely because you want to improve your lot in life. You should always want to make the world a better place and provide opportunities for others to embark on a rewarding financial journey of their own."