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The advertising world was shook as news broke last month from London that three of America’s leading marketing moguls Thomas Herd, CEO of T1 Advertising, Dimetri Hogan, SVP of T1 and Mike Heller, CEO of Talent Resources agreed to join forces and amass their forces, which includes no less than 100 company officers and over 2,000 cumulative clients.

The move will offer T1 clients new unparalleled celebrity access as offered by Heller and Talent Resources and will bring 145 media columns, state of the art Instagram growth, and risk-free customer acquisition/revenue scaling solutions to Talent Resources’ client portfolio.

The joint venture was reached in Notting Hill during the final week of October and has already engendered added revenue to both firms.

Market pundits view this power manoeuvre as the start of a new American held monopoly on the blossoming digital marketing industry, which reached record revenue production during the lockdown year of 2020.

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