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Tim Rodland

When the pandemic hit worldwide in early 2020, no one had any idea what to expect. People were forced to stay home, wear masks in public places, and millions of people lost their jobs (that was just in the United States alone). But something special came out of the pandemic too…

People started to live their lives and follow their dreams. People started flocking to the Bahamas to enjoy the laid-back vibes and picturesque views, and luxury realtor Tim Rodland was there to help them make the move. 

Can you share your background with us? How did you get involved in real estate in the Bahamas?

Tim Rodland: I am 36 years old, and I’ve been in the real estate business for 12 years. My dad is Norwegian-American, my mom is Bahamian. My dad is from Brooklyn, New York, and my mom is from The Bahamas. So growing up, I was back and forth between The Bahamas and New York. I tend to think I had the best of both worlds.

When I first came out of college, I took an insurance job that came up. I wanted to do sales. I was always good at it, even as a kid, so I started as an insurance agent. However, after being in the Insurance industry for a year, I didn’t really enjoy it and it was the last thing on everyone's mind being fresh out of college. So I worked in insurance for about a year and a half until I stumbled upon real estate. And I’ve been in real estate ever since. I enjoy helping people find great properties and making sound investments.

Why did you choose the Bahamas over NY?

Tim Rodland: My mother has 8 brothers and sisters, so I have a big family here. I went to high school here, I have friends here, and it’s too cold in New York. I like The Bahamas and the lifestyle it offers.

What separates you from other realtors in the Bahamas?

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Tim Rodland: I genuinely care about people. I want people to make good investments, and I do this because I love it. I don’t consider it a job.

It’s my goal to always be professional, trustworthy, and transparent. I do my best to keep people in the loop, and I have their best interest at heart.

I'm also the person; if I say something, I do it. It’s my goal to always be professional, trustworthy, and transparent. I do my best to keep people in the loop, and I have their best interest at heart.

Also, since I’m from a dual citizen of the United States and The Bahamas, I can provide my clients with a unique perspective.

Why are people drawn to the Bahamas lifestyle?

Tim Rodland: What’s not to love about the Bahamas lifestyle? Seriously though, apart from the obvious sun, sand, and sea. It’s a great boating destination, there’s great weather, and there’s a laid-back environment with less hustle-bustle. The Bahamas offers a good quality of life and there are direct flights to major airports, so it doesn’t take long if you need to go back to the U.S. for business or to spend time with family.

Other draws are the great resorts and restaurants. It’s English-speaking, and the currency matches the U.S. dollar one-to-one. There are a lot of offshore banks. It’s a little expensive because we have to import everything, but it’s also a tax-free jurisdiction. There’s no income, dividend, inheritance tax, or capital gains tax. The only tax you pay is on imports, and a V.A.T tax which is a sales tax on goods and services. Another cool thing is if you spend over $750K on real estate, you’re eligible to become a permanent resident of the Bahamas, where you can benefit from the tax laws.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Interested in experiencing the Bahamas Lifestyle for yourself?

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