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Tino Taupe

The young entrepreneur Tino Taupe grew up in Klagenfurt, a small town in Austria. His life was quite ordinary in the beginning. He went to school, finished his high school diploma, and started studying. Like any other student, Tino loved to go to parties and playing video games. As a student, Tino had no real perspective on what he wanted to do with his life and what he wanted to achieve in order to live a fulfilling life. However, even as a child he knew that he could not imagine himself working in a 9 to 5 job all the time. He had always dreamed of creating something bigger and helping other people with his vision.

Tino believes in the law of attraction and that you can achieve everything in life through hard work and passion.

Tino believes in the law of attraction and that you can achieve everything in life through hard work and passion. As a successful networker, he is not only the co-founder of the company Gamechanger but has already helped many people to pursue their dreams and turn their passion into a profession. In the meantime, he has built up more than 70,000 international clients and partners in the network industry and was nominated as the youngest 6 Figure Earner in Europe in 2014. He has not only managed to fulfill his dream of traveling the world and being an entrepreneur but has already helped 25 people to build up a 6-figure income. He has also helped thousands of people to build a passive income, which helps them to become financially free.

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But how did it all start? Tino was made aware of the topic of network marketing quite by chance when he got a haircut at his hairdresser. This incident was enough for him to gather enough motivation to go to the next event in order to expand his knowledge about network marketing. After a few days, Tino knew: "This is the way to give my life a meaning and being successful".

But the beginning of his career was not as glamorous as most people would assume. We humans have the tendency to look only at what a person has achieved, but not at the path that leads to the goals. Tino had to give up a lot in the beginning to get to where he is today. In the first few years he drove almost 1 million kilometers to meetings. This was not all. He gave up parties, birthdays, and vacations. Things that most people in Tino's age do in order to distract themselves. Tino knew very well that no parties or vacations would get him ahead in life. That is why he decided to fully pursue his passion.

It was this discipline and willpower that made Tino's dreams come true. Today Tino performs in front of several thousand people in cities like Paris or Las Vegas. He was also on the stage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland hundreds of times over the course of the last year. On Instagram he has over 24 thousand followers and is also very active on other social media like Facebook or YouTube.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Tino has shown the whole world that it is possible to build your own business with a smartphone, social media and a lot of passion and willpower. That's why the young entrepreneur was also nominated as Top Recruiter, Fastest 6 Figure Earner, Youngest European and 6 Figure Earner. The start in the network scene was not easy, but it has been shown that it pays off if you are willing to set the right priorities in life.