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Top 5 US Cities

Living in a city that has genuine access to nature is always a dream for most people. Especially for an outdoor enthusiast, it is more than a blessing! However, only beautiful landscapes can’t provide everything to you. It is essential to get the basic amenities as well for living a balanced life. So, how would it be if you get every basic amenity along with full access to nature at the same place? Interesting enough; right?

You would be surprised to know that several US cities have the most beautiful landscapes for enjoying the outdoors along with every desirable amenity.

Well, you would be surprised to know that several US cities have the most beautiful landscapes for enjoying the outdoors along with every desirable amenity. However, you have to be a little cautious in performing some research before considering your next city of living. Well, here in this article, we have made a list of top 5 US cities as per the recommendation of the best cross country moversthat will allow you to live close to nature along with best class amenities. Let’s explore them all!

1.Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the best cities in the USA that has a full access to nature. Being the country’s top meat packing hub, Chicago has been performing exceptionally well in gradually boosting its economic growth. With modern amenities, you will be surprised to see its green and healthy environment for sure.

In 2010, with the help of “Student Conservation Association”, the city started its magical transformations through making a 13 square-mile Green Zone. Apart from that, you’ll be pleased to have several parks, beautiful landscapes, plenty of urban farms, and a sustainable economic growth in the city of Chicago. Moreover, you’ll never regret choosing this windy city as your next living destination for sure!

2.Denver, Colorado

As elevated one mile above the sea level, the city of Denver is called “The Mile High City”. The beautiful landscapes of Denver can make anyone astonished and mesmerized for sure. In addition, Denver is the best place for hikers as it is located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and high plains.

In Denver, you can enjoy year-round beautiful weather as well. The snows in the Winter and the bright sunlight in the Summer will make you delighted for sure. Apart from that, being an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll get to see a lot of conventional and mountain parks, several attractive cultural places and so on. Moreover, all of your weekends will be fascinating enough if you consider the city of Denver as your next living place.

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3.Seattle, Washington

Are you a sports enthusiast who loves to get full access to nature? If this is the desire you’re holding in the core of your heart, Seattle should be your dream destination for living. Being surrounded by water, Seattle is the best place for water sports. In addition, Seattle has a number of national parks and forests where you can visit for refreshing your soul. And you can visit a number of nearby mountains on weekends and holidays to make yourself free from stress and negativities.

However, these aren’t the end of all attractions. If you have a desire in whale-watching, you can take a whale-watching boat to see the playing humpback whales in the sea. Therefore, choosing Seattle as your next home will not make you disappointed for sure!

4.Boston, Massachusetts

Having more than 2300 acres of open land with plenty of trees and over 200 beautiful recreational parks, Boston is a heaven to nature lovers. You would be surprised to know that the first city park in Boston was established in 1634. Subsequently, now the number of recreational parks has crossed the 200 mark. Isn’t it satisfying enough?

Apart from that, if you wish to spend your leisure time on the open and wide beaches, Boston is the right place for you. You’ll feel blessed on the weekends and holidays by spending some good times on the warm sea beaches with your family and friends.

5.Costa Mesa, California

Being a neighbor of the world's most famous beaches, Costa Mesa is a hub of a lot of recreational outdoor activities. The city isn’t so far away from Central Orange County. Costa Mesa is full of trees, forests, parks, and sanctuaries. With the most beautiful landscapes, this city is a perfect place for those who love outdoor activities like running, riding and hiking.

However, the city of Costa Mesa still falls under the less-explored cities in the USA. But, being a true nature lover, you won’t regret choosing this place as your next home for sure.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

There is no denying that earning a good amount of money and maintaining a modern lifestyle has an utmost importance. However, having peace of mind is equally important to ensure good health and for the refreshment of the soul. The mentioned cities can provide both for you. Your love for mother nature will be rewarded if you consider choosing any of the above places as your next home!