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Digital disruption is sweeping everything along its path. Managements in different industries are adapting to new ways of doing things, and online gambling is no different. As a result, consumer habits are shifting rapidly.

As different and exciting online gambling trends surface, online casinos are poised to become even more exciting. If you are after a more rewarding and exciting online gambling experience, it is imperative that you familiarize with the emerging industry trends.

Lucky for you, we have extensively researched, observed, and put together a list of some of the top trends calling the shots in the world of online casinos in 2021. Online casinos are very common nowadays with different types of betting and gambling solutions. However, if you want to play some casino or bet on some sports or events, you should gain some knowledge if you do not want to lose a lot money. For these purposes there are some communities, such as Betworthy, that will give you some good advice on how to bet and be successful.

Online casinos globally are recognizing the need to weave changing consumer patterns into their service offerings to not only enhance customer experience but also strengthen their bond with customers. Below are the 7 most influential trends shaping online gambling.

1. Crypto online gambling

Online casinos globally are recognizing the need to weave changing consumer patterns into their service offerings

As the emergence of cryptocurrency continues to stir the world in all different directions, the currency has gradually seeped into mainstream casinos. This is in response to their clients' attitude toward the highly debated currency.

Amidst the heated debate, online casinos are recognizing the anonymity that comes with crypto. After all, anonymity usually means more secure transfers. Moreover, the more casinos pay bonuses in crypto, the more it is generally accepted as a standard transactional tool.

Crypto is also more convenient, affordable, and faster to transact with both in deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, its volatility gives its users a chance to make greater gains, thus making it an appealing option for most online gamblers

2. Artificial intelligence infusion

With extensive studies being carried out, artificial intelligence is gaining a lot of prominence across different sectors. It is one of the strongest driving forces of technology disruption. As a result, online casinos are trying to figure out how and to what extent AI can add value to their service rendering and customer experience.

If well harnessed, AI can greatly enhance smart data collection. Being a valuable asset to online casinos, gaming data needs to be predicted flawlessly. AI integration does that better than a human brain. It predicts patterns and trends more precisely, thus raising the standard of personalized customer service that casinos offer.

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3. Live dealers

When online casinos came alive, they omitted the socialization aspect of the establishment. Thanks to online gambling trends' evolution, most online casinos have introduced live dealers to their sites. This helps gamblers to enjoy the thrill of both land-based and online casino experiences.

Online gamblers are allowed to play with real dealers at real tables backed by live video streaming in HD. Live gaming not only gives gamblers access to many game varieties but also increases their excitement through authentic interactions. In some casinos, players can play against each other live and even exchange ideas through integrated chat options.

4. Virtual reality integration

As with AI, virtual reality also carries some great online gaming potential. As different VR tools penetrate the market, more online casinos can now afford them. When integrated into the gaming site, VR allows players to visit casinos virtually and connect with other gamblers through VR headsets.

Because of the restrictions brought about by the prevalence of the pandemic, many people will continue to gamble from the comfort of their homes. That's where most casinos will opt for VR gambling to avoid losing customers to other technologically advanced casinos.

5. Massive growth in online gambling habits

The global online gambling market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% over the next decade. This growth has been partly fueled by the increased internet and mobile phone use to participate in online games. Mobile compatibility allows gamblers to conveniently play from anywhere in the world.

This ease of accessibility has driven most casinos to embrace multiple digital platforms to promote their games. Furthermore, land-based casinos have been the worst hit by COVID-19 restrictions. This has left online gambling as the only logical alternative for both players and casinos.

This growth also means that online casinos will tap into a broader market due to the cancellation of physical sporting events. To fill this void, most gamblers that used to gamble on-site are now turning to online casinos, and it is up to these casinos to woo this new market segment.

6. Bonuses and promotions are becoming a culture

With massive online gambling growth comes cutthroat competition. Many online casinos are in a mad rush to look for ways to stand out from the pack in order to attract new players while retaining existing ones.

One of the most effective techniques that online casinos are embracing is the use of bonuses and promotions to grow their player lists. No deposit bonuses are the most popular. In fact, some third-party sites are even listing casinos with the best bonuses to lead online gamblers. That means these gamblers will avoid sites that don't offer bonuses.

7. Better game options

To break the monotony of online gambling and keep up with evolving customer needs, online casinos are moving fast to diversify their gaming options. Gamblers are looking for fresh inspiration and more exciting games to kill the boredom of staying indoors all day. As a result, many online casinos have already begun updating their game libraries with more tech-oriented options.

That advancement includes introducing more varieties of good old games or creating new ones altogether. To achieve this, the casinos are adapting the gaming features using technology. For instance, gaming platforms are shifting from 2D slots on an old computer monitor to amazing 3D features on a mobile phone's screen.

Final thoughts

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

It is now clear just how much technology is calling the shots in the online gambling evolution. Online casinos must therefore adapt fast or perish. Online casinos have to incorporate these online gambling trends to better satisfy their customer needs.