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Weblogs are shortened, as blogs are informational websites, which are posted as informal, detached diary style text. They are also called as discussions published on World Wide Web (WWW). The posts are updated with information by the time and showed in reverse chronological order that means the recent post is displayed the first.

Top Educational Blogs

The blogs are of many types and about many topics. There are life-related blogs, which discuss the lifestyle, motivation, goal achievement, teenagers blogs, and blogs about children. Another type of blogs is pets; they talk about pet’s health issues, food issues, their training. There are blogs about accessories and their usage, makeup blogs, cooking many others.

The educational blogs often contain brief information about a topic, which helps to understand the topic. Informal style makes it easy to learn and understand.

There are also #1 education blog, which are related to different fields, different tips, and exam techniques, etc. The education blogs are good to help not only students but teachers too. The educational blogs often contain brief information about a topic, which helps to understand the topic. Informal style makes it easy to learn and understand.

Advantages of blog reading:

There are many benefits of reading blogs like:

1. Diversity in the topic:

There are a lot of topics about the blog, and you can choose in which you are interested. It makes it easy to gain information about a single topic, increase knowledge, and work for skill enhancement.

2. Different perspective:

There are many blogs website, which has various writers. The writers of the same topic may have a different perspective, and you can learn different ways to achieve through different standpoints. The blogs never force you to change your idea, interest, or way, but they help to enhance what you are planning.

3. Community platform:

Blogs-websites provide you a platform not to learn about other’s ideas but to put your perspective on the table too. You can comment on a blog to tell your views about the topic. The two-way interactions increase learning capabilities.

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Example of Top Educational Blogs:

There are a lot of blogs available, but some are ranked as top ones like:

1. KQED by MindShift:

Mindshift contains many types of cultural as well as technological blogs. They are helpful for people who want to learn about different topics and with a diverse perspective.

2. eLearning Industry | Online Education Blog:

The website contains articles, concepts, software, and resources. It helps e-learning professional and instructional designer. It provides a large platform for professionals to learn and find the scope of different subjects.

3. Inside Higher Ed | Higher Education Blog

The website has news, opinion, and jobs about higher education subjects. These blogs are helpful for the graduate students and professionals, whether you select an adjunct subject or became a gray eminence, you can find important material on the website.

There are many more websites, which help you in your education. Many blogs are available on the World Wide Web for help in learning and teaching.


Blog reading is beneficial as a task, as well as a hobby. It gives you a way to communicate with others, put your perspective in front of the community, and learn from others and about the other’s perspective, all in a perimeter. You can find subject related material on the website as well as test tips and tricks on some websites like Study prep Lounge to help you to perform better in exams.

Jessica Davison