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Travel blogs are incredibly popular nowadays because of the fact that more and more people have started to realize how amazing traveling is. Traveling is an incredible experience because of the fact that it can help you become a well-shaped person while enjoying your time in amazing places. Meeting new interesting people with whom you can create amazing memories and from whom you can learn numerous things, exploring new breathtaking places, experiencing and learning about new cultures, religions, customs, and traditions, and having the opportunity to get in touch with your deepest thoughts, feelings, fears and test your limits in search for inner peace are only a few of the benefits which traveling brings to all of us.

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If you are a restless and free soul looking for new experiences all the time and a fan of traveling,starting a traveling blog is an amazing idea.

All of us would love to be paid to do what we like the most. Which is why, if you are a restless and free soul looking for new experiences all the time and a fan of traveling, starting a traveling blog is an amazing idea because if you do everything by the book you will get the chance to do something incredibly enjoyable which will surely contribute to your well-being and make money at the same time. You might be concerned about the fact that you have zero experience with writing or how to run a website, however, once you go through the step-by-step guide below you will start to feel more confident about starting your own blog even if it might seem like a real challenge.

Step one: Pick a name for your travel blog

In a crowded world of travel blogging, you need to make sure that the name you pick for your blog is an original one which reflects your personality. First of all, the name you pick for your blog should tell the visitors of your website what kind of person you are right from the beginning in order to make them feel like they can relate to you and become more interested in scrolling down and reading your posts. Secondly, creating a travel blog is going to become an incredibly personal activity in which you are going to invest a lot of time, emotions, thoughts, and stories of your experiences, so you should pick a name for your travel blog which you feel like it represents you. also, when picking a name for your blog, you should avoid choosing dashes or special characters and you should keep it short up to maximum three words because it would be easier for the people who see it online to keep it in their minds and search for it again.

Step two: Be patient

Everything you do in life takes time until it reaches satisfying results because of the fact that in order to create something which is high-quality, you first need to learn, experience and learn from your mistakes. Years from now, when you will look back on your first articles, you will think that they were horrible and laugh at your writing style. However, even if your first posts will seem incredibly bad, you have to stay motivated and believe in yourself and constantly work on your self-improvement in order to create better and better content. However, you should keep in mind that getting feedback from your readers is incredibly important in order to make you realize the true value of your posts. So, even if you consider that an article should not be posted on your website because you consider it is a bad-quality one, you should let the readers be your judge.

Step three: Sign up for hosting

It is not as complicated as it might sound when you are at the beginning of the process and still have no idea about what running a website means. However, signing up for a host is like “renting” space on the internet for your blog. It would be a place where you can store all your blog’s data, files, and photos so that they stay online for people from all around the world to be able to see them when they type in your blog’s name.

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Step four: Install WordPress

After you have signed up for hosting and picked a domain name which is going to represent you through your blog from now on, there is another essential step which you need to be incredibly considerate about which is installing WordPress. When installing WordPress, you will be asked to choose a theme which inspires you for your website which you can change later and you will also have to choose whether your website will be a business or personal one.

Step five: Setting up your blog

Once you have finished installing WordPress, all you have to do is to sing up on your website as an admin and start customizing your website. One of the most important things a website should have besides high-quality content is a good design. Choose the theme which you wish for your website to have from now on. You can choose between free themes and premium ones for which you have to pay a little more. However, choosing a premium theme is going to help your site more because of the fact that usually they are prettier than the free ones, have more controls and instructions which makes them easier to change, plus premium themes are faster and more SEO-friendly. Also, to improve the functionality of your site and give you numerous new features, you also have to choose the WordPress plugins which you wish to use for your website.

Step six: Make your first blogging steps

Once you have finished building your website, it is the time to start your travel blog. First of all, you need to be incredibly considerate about creating an about page because it is the part of your site which can help your readers see numerous details about what type of person you are, your hobbies, and perspectives. You need to give as many details as possible about yourself because it is incredibly important to make the readers feel like they know you in person in order to feel like they can relate to you and wish to follow your next posts. Secondly, you need to start writing the articles and enjoy it. Since your blog is a travel one, you should make sure to focus most of your posts about traveling. Apart from sharing your experiences, you also need to offer to your readers useful traveling tips. For example, if you are writing about a trip which you had in India, the content which you write for your readers should be helpful for the moment they choose to travel to India as well. For example, you could tell to your readers exactly how you have obtained the Indian visa before leaving for your trip sharing details about whether it is more advantageous and why to choose regular Indian visa which can be obtained at the Indian embassy or the India e-tourist visa which can be obtained online.

Step seven: Make a business out of your travel blog

If you wish to have a travel blog only for your friends and family members to keep them updated with the latest experiences from your trips, you surely do not think about getting money out of your blog. However, if you wish to make your travel blog a business which brings you money to sponsorship your trips, you need to start creating a business plan for your blog.

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