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Traveling is a well-established channel for personal development and self-growth. Many people willingly explore local areas and step foot on foreign soil, knowing that doing so provides opportunities to learn about different cultures and one’s attitude and tendencies when faced with unfamiliar situations. But suppose there’s anything that Air Force veteran and travel blogger Adam Vaughan can attest to. In that case, it’s the fact that climbing mountains so far from home and getting breakfast in a cafe thousands of miles away can also serve as a chance for people to grow intimately privy to the realities of the world and gain a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of others.

The mind behind a travel-focused account, Adam Vaughan, is setting his eyes on one clear-cut goal: to build a brand around a travel blog that not only details his experiences and gives recommendations of must-try cuisines and accommodations but also enlightens Western viewers, in particular, of lifestyles and cultures that are separate from their own. In addition, by capitalizing on the reach and influence of his platform, he hopes to break down barriers and increase visibility for marginalized and underrepresented communities around the world.

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Although the desire to inspire more people to travel and view the world through a diversity-informed lens now stands at the heart of his initiatives, it was not until Adam Vaughan entered the Air Force that he would come to realize the allure of exploration. When he was young, far-off lands remained in the realms of tales and make-believe stories and did not receive attention from young Adam, whose focus was on playing baseball and pretending to be at war with his friends in the creeks and wooded areas of his neighborhood.

Through his exposure to parts of the globe he previously had not entirely understood, Adam Vaughan was able to grasp that traveling offers more than just a respite from one’s everyday life. “During my deployments to the worst areas in the world, I grew an appreciation for those who had far less, those affected, and those who had nothing like we had,” he shared. This appreciation grew even more considerably after his retirement from the Air Force and when he hopped on board Meta’s team as the Global Operations Manager, a position that allowed him to meet a diverse array of people. He then realizes the strides today’s society needs in terms of affording everyone the rights they deserve, taking to heart the role diversity and inclusion play in advancing the well-being of a person.

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Having established a solid following on Instagram, Adam Vaughan currently hopes to expand his reach and guide people to some of the world’s most fascinating places. Simultaneously, he wishes to bank on his 24 years of traveling experience to ground his recommendations in historical contexts. Additionally, the cause-oriented figure plans to utilize his platform to promote diversity and inclusion, encouraging people to see that the beauty of traveling lies in the heterogeneity of experiences and the people they will meet.