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Travel Diva Val Cortez

Stunning diva, Val Cortez, who is more popular as ‘Val around the world,’ on her social media channels needs no introduction. She is a self-made star and travel influencer. She started her professional journey from scratch and had no one to guide her in life.

Taking all challenges of life head-on, Val Cortez marched on. She has been a courageous, bold, and self-motivated person throughout her life. Making the best use of social media and social networking channels, she got a lot of success here. She deserves credit for her travel blogging and digital content creation skills.

“I started traveling in 2018, and in such a short period, I have already become popular among my social media fans and followers. I am grateful to each of them. They believed in me and constantly repose their faith in me. It keeps me on my toes and always inspires me to come up with better work with every new Vlog or social media post,” Val Cortez explained.

Val Cortez is now living her dreams and exploring her potential in digital content creation skills while keeping a positive mindset and helping other aspiring entrepreneurs get inspired by her.

Val Cortez has a massive fan following on all her social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is a sweet, charming, and voluptuous lady. Both boys and girls impatiently wait to see her new travel Vlog on social media. She also keeps her fans updated about her visit to a new travel destination or whenever she has something exciting to share with her fans.

Val Cortez has a massive fan following on all her social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Val Cortez is known for taking strong decisions at the right time. She has strong business acumen and doesn’t bow down before the odds of life.

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The Peru-born diva, who grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, always had the dream of doing something on her own. She has been passionate about living an independent life and becoming successful in it.

Val Cortez’s innate interest in traveling and digital content creation helped her become a social media sensation and travel influencer at such a young age. On the academic front, Val Cortez has done extensive study on Occupational Health and Safety.


As an entrepreneur, Val launched her own eyelash extension salon when she was 25. The salon grew from scratch but in no time, it became quite popular among women of all ages. Soon, she was also invited to Latino-American Lash Convention in Buenos Aires and won the first prize for adding innovation to her business while constantly enhancing the quality of her services. 

However, the salon business didn’t give her much time to explore her other passions.

“Running a salon is a full-time job. It was doing really well and I was also getting new clients regularly. But somewhere I couldn’t get additional time to pursue my hidden passion—traveling. That was the time I decided to become a full-time travel influencer and tap the unexplored potential in this field. I took a great risk when I decided to shut down my salon business, but I have no regrets. As a travel influencer, I’ve achieved a lot more than I expected. I am really enjoying each moment of life,” Val Cortez added.

Right now, Val Cortez is fully concentrating on her digital content creation skills. She is exploring various ways to make more travel videos, meet fellow travel bloggers, see a lot of new exotic destinations, and learn new cultures and languages.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Val Cortez is one of the most popular travel vloggers on Instagram with over 1 million fans.

You can follow Val Cortez on Youtube now to get inspired.