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Colours or trends of the same showcase the mindset of generations, of the times and economic trends as well. If we seek out which colour stands out to be the promising hue for the coming year, it is Pantone. This shade has been proclaimed as the colour of the coming year, and there are several reflections that stand by for this shade.

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2020 - The Beginning of a New Decade

The coming year 2020 heralds the beginning of a new era. With Pantone having been declared as colour of the year by different colours and fashion institutes, this classic blue shade signifies several things about the economy, qualities that it represents that would resonate with many people across the world as well as define style trends among men and women.

Pantone or Classic Blue

The shade of blue is a classic one with a depth that represents qualities such as sky at dusk, serene waters or a bowl of blueberries perfectly ripened. The emotions it represents are understanding or appreciation of true relations, reliability, comfort and a serene mindset as well.

The Family of Blue

There are different shades of blue, and they all have different representations. For instance, in 1999, the shade chosen was a serene yet lighter shade, cerulean. It represented the coming of the new millennium as well as providing a calming effect since many anxieties preceded the start of 2000. The colour shade had reflected as well as influenced cultural trends, whether it was home décor or high fashion. The effect of colour on fashion trends as well as a reflection of the state of the economy worldwide is best known and felt by the fashion industry. An excellent example is Miranda Priestly, the character played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, where she talks about how colour can dominate the global industry.

Now we are headed towards the end of a decade in the new millennium with the impending start of a new one. Those who love to play at casinos such as True Blue casino ( can gamble at the same portals or new ones; they will notice the blue hue to be the background on many sites, lending a feeling of comfort and familiarity for those who are looking to dabble in new casino games and bonuses.

Global Trend and Needs

There are feelings of trepidation across the world as to the changes that people foresee in global culture, whether it is modern lifestyles or work trends. The classic blue will stand to be the shade at this time of transition. It will help to build connections, provide reassurance, and stand for qualities of calm and confidence, at a time when workplaces would have changing trends in business eras, based on competitiveness.

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Dusk Stage of Civilisation

It represents the dusk stage for civilisation. It is a thoughtful phase, at a time when civilisation has come through eras of development and advancement. The colour represents sky at dusk; a time when the day is not yet over but in terms of moving ahead, it is a time to reflect and think of what has been achieved and where life is taking us. There are reassurances in terms of many trends such as environmental preservation, sustainability in business practices that promise to help take care and restore most of the goodness of the world and the natural habitats people were blessed with.

The colour also represents the economic trends that are coming up. As humans desire to have an anchoring foundation that is dependable, the economic times become uncertain and competitive. With such trends in workplaces and businesses, the human factor needs to be strengthened. The need for confidence, faith and trust are paramount. The colour represents a hue that is dependable and approachable.

It fits a trend that moves us towards an era that is genderless. It also moves towards a weather or climate condition that is seasonless. That showcases a need for uniformity and reliability, taking out the seasonal changes and bringing in the sense of something that is sustainable, constant and dependable.

A Sustainable Shade

The classic blue can be interpreted as the indigo shade, one that is achieved easily with dyes and from plants in a natural manner. The colour also aligns well with the move towards sustainability in dyes and fashion trends.

The colour also represents nostalgia or classics. Hence, it can be the perfect colour of a well-tailored suit as well as be the shade of contemporary street-wear. It is the shade of denim as well as relaxed wear such as hoodies and sweatshirts. The return to classics showcases a need to find uniformity and reliability so that some sense of order can be found from the chaotic uncertainties.

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