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Twin Flame Lovers: The Signs and Symptoms of Finding Your Twin Soul

If you meet someone and feel like you share a psychic connection, this could be a twin flame love sign.
Twin Flame Lovers

Twin flame lovers share an extraordinary bond like no other. They are more than just lovers; they are two halves of the same soul once united. However, somewhere on the journey, they separated into two souls that now live in physically separate bodies.

Therefore, twin flames are an even closer connection than soul mates. Despite having lived individual lives, the souls are identical at their core. However, they have picked up energetic ‘baggage’, thoughts, and feelings from other people and experiences on their way. These may be positive or negative and can alter how a person seems on the surface. Because of this, when twin flames meet in recognition, it can be a particularly intense period as they navigate their different journeys, confront and heal past hurts, and deepen their harmony.

Cassady Cayne, spiritual author and founder of Twin Flames 11:11, explains some of the key twin flame love signs to look out for that might signal a forthcoming union with your twin flame.

They feel like ‘home’

When you first lay eyes on your twin flame lover, you instantly feel at home on a deeper level. In their presence, you feel at home, entirely whole, as if they are the missing piece of your puzzle. This is because you were once the same soul, so when you come into union, you will experience the feeling of two halves coming together.

Despite being on different journeys throughout your earlier life, you will share similarities no matter how long you’ve spent apart. You might notice you have similar values or approach life in the same way.

You experience physical sensations

Twin flame lovers can experience noticeable physical sensations when they find each other. This can happen both on the first meeting and in the time leading up to the union. Cassady Cayne, the founder of Twin Flames 11:11, explains that this is a process of Chakra activation and kundalini rising (an energetic awakening that causes us to transform and a recognition between your systems). This process might manifest itself as physical sensations like heart palpitations, hot flushes, or dizziness (most often felt in the crown, brow, heart, and sacral). Twin flame lovers commonly describe it as a feeling of the heart igniting or swelling.

Twin flame lovers share a psychic connection

If you meet someone and feel like you share a psychic connection, this could be a twin flame love sign. You might dream about your twin flame lover, feel their touch, hear their voice, or even see their memories; this can be before you even meet them!

If you meet someone and feel like you share a psychic connection, this could be a twin flame love sign.

“Twin flames are always connected by an energetic cord that runs between their hearts, no matter what. This is why many twin flame lovers feel each other’s emotions and dream of each other even when they have been apart for a long time” Cassady Cayne, Twin Flames 11:11

Sometimes, this can be in the stage of longing before you meet your twin flame lover. You might sense that someone special is out there, which can be frustrating when you don’t know when you will finally meet them. However, Cayne encourages you to trust the twin flame love signs and understand that the universe will deliver. 

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You may also experience psychic connections when you meet your twin flame. This could be anything from feeling their emotions, seeing visions or “an intuitive knowing” of their memories, or even physical pain. This unique bond is what makes twin flame lovers so remarkable.

The chemistry is extraordinary

Twin flame lovers experience sensational chemistry. You might never have experienced this level of magnetic attraction before, but it's likely to be a twin flame love sign when you do. This incredible chemistry increases the intensity of the relationship quickly, but it also makes for great sexual relationships. Twin flame sex is not only electric and intense beyond what any other connection offers, but it is a site of powerful alchemical transformation that changes both counterparts into their highest selves over time.

You see signs everywhere

Do you see the numbers 11:11 everywhere? These numbers are signs from your spirit guides and your higher self that something unique is about to happen. They are showing you these numbers to get your attention and make you aware of the existence of your twin flame lover. If you look at the numbers 11:11, you'll see they symbolize a true mirror and two halves coming together, much like you and your twin flame.

The relationship can be intense

Twin flames are two halves of the same soul that separated at some point in its journey. Because of this, when twin flame lovers reunite, they are pushed to confront what has happened on their separate journeys so far.

“Twin flames share the same karmic field and collective energy field, so their lives can develop in parallel to each other with commonalities and mirrored experiences because they karmically and energetically impact one another” Cassady Cayne, Twin Flames 11:11

Your twin flame lover is your exact mirror, the other half of you that vibrates on the exact same frequency. When you look at your “mirror soul”, you are confronted with your own limiting beliefs and inner wounds, which can be frightening to deal with.

However, confronting these past experiences pushes you to be a higher version of yourself and brings the two of your closer. In doing so, you will both purge negative feelings as you reach ascension. This process can result in conflict in the relationship, which might be hard to deal with if you don’t understand what is going on. The key is to work with the process, be honest with yourself in working through fears and past hurts, and stay open to evolving with the relationship. Ultimately, twin flame lovers complement each other, like the yin and yang and the dark and light. You might have had different journeys, but you bring out the best in each other and push each other to live your soul’s purpose.

Twin flame lovers always find their way back to each other

Often, twin flame lovers experience times of separation. This can happen during the initial purging of past wounds and fears when it can seem easier to walk away from conflict and discomfort. However, a key twin flame love sign is the draw to go back, knowing that you share a deep connection unlike any other.

It might have been that you and your twin flame experienced traumatic separation in a previous lifetime. For example, one of you might have been forced to leave the other, or one of you may have died suddenly. This can cause underlying fearful feelings of abandonment or separation, which may come up again when you meet with your twin flame. However, know that you can experience an incredible life together if you push through to ascension.

Through the connection, Twin Flames have the unique opportunity to learn unconditional love both for one another and deep, unshakeable self-love. Cayne reassures you that if you have met your Twin Flame, it is for a reason. It never happens by accident. If things get complicated, you just have to work with the process. You are truly “meant” to be together.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

“For you both to move into a state of love and unity, negative cords and fears should be cleared. Purging and triggers happen when your souls are working to purify your systems, but it is not meant to be a struggle. Running and separation are simply signs that something needs to be cleared. Therefore, learning to clear and resolve triggers is crucial for opening to the highest version of the journey.” - Cassady Cayne, Twin Flames 11:11