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When it comes to essay writing many learners have a misunderstanding issue with regard to the types of such assignments. Within such a wide range of tasks that you get assigned with at school and college, it's easy to get confused. 

One of the trickiest assignments is the eyes of students is a synthesis essay. If you’ve been tasked to prepare this paper, you must be wondering what it is about, what structure it should have, and what the aim is. 

As a matter of fact, a synthesis essay is there for you to show the ability to present information from different sources in a well-structured manner. It is often assigned on an AP test and challenges your skill to search for, digest, and analyze data. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to ace this type of writing and impress any tutor. 

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

The goal of a synthesis essay is to reason one’s point of view by presenting several different pieces of information and summarizing them. It may seem like a research paper, but the thing is, you should show how all the statements are connected. There are many types of this assignment, yet the most popular ones are:

  • Argument (thesis-driven) essay;
  • Explanatory\background synthesis essay.

Though these papers are similar in nature, they have different purposes. The first type should be based around a strong thesis statement, which must be supported by facts and arguments. The task itself may have different aims including explaining cause and effect relationships, comparing and contrasting some arguments, or revealing the author’s position on a certain issue. 

The second type has less to do with advocating a position, in fact, it deals with teaching readers some new information. The aim is to explain a particular topic by backing it up with info from reliable sources. If all these descriptions do not sound inspiring to you, there is always a way out. These and many more writings you may order at platform, where a reliable essay helper will easily assist you. This is a great option then the instructions are puzzling or the schedule is too tight. 

Yet, if you still feel like up to the task, here's how to approach the writing of a synthesis essay.

Create an Outline

Even though the synthesis essay can have some distinctions from your usual essay task, there are still some basic principles that you need to follow. The first and foremost step in writing an A-worth paper is making a proper outline. This will provide you with some sort of guarantee, that you won’t forget to include anything essential in your work. It will also keep you on track with the whole process of preparing the text. 

An outline should consist of traditional components:

  • An Introduction (have a thesis here);
  • Main Body (3-4 paragraph ideas); 
  • Conclusion.

Stay Creative

The most difficult part often turns out to be the beginning as one may lack ideas on how to start and may get stuck for a while. In search of some fresh thoughts and competent advice, or check out a dedicated blog written by professionals.

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While writing an introduction one should have an aim to make it catchy to grab readers’ attention. So, there are several ways to make it more attractive:

  • Start with an intriguing question;
  • Add a quote by some influencing person;
  • Include an interesting fact or a few.

All these ways will make the beginning more engaging and help you come up with further ideas. One more essential part of an introduction is the thesis statement.

Usually, it has to be stated at the end of the paragraph, so it would be clear what the whole writing is going to be about. However daunting the task may be, better not skip this stage of your college life. Concentrate on formulating your ideas in an engaging way, and who knows, maybe a content manager’s career will shape your future!

Focus on the Main Part

The main body is the core of your paper. It should consist of three to four paragraphs, each presenting a different thought. This is where you should include all your points supporting them with evidence and references. 

A good idea would be to start one paragraph by presenting a contradicting statement, that would be opposing yours. Then you'll need to prove that your position is stronger and it discredits the other viewpoint. 

This trick is welcomed by tutors as you show the ability to look at the issue from different perspectives. Don’t forget to check all the sources that you use, make sure that they are credible. If you use someone’s exact words or passages, these have to be cited properly

Sum It Up

The last but not the least part of the writing is the conclusion. Many can’t come up with a good one. There are several ways to finish the paper:

  • Restate all-important points including the thesis;
  • Summarize your ideas;
  • Formulate a question for readers to have some food for thoughts

Final Thoughts

Now you have a basic understanding of what the synthesis essay is. If you want to write a winning paper, follow these tips, and develop yourself as a writer. It will bring you several benefits. After all, the skills of critical thinking, reflecting, reasoning one’s point are important not only at college.