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As the schools, colleges and other educational institutions are going online due to the spread of COVID-19, educational technology companies are taking online education system to the next level.

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Many students and educational professionals are taking up online classes for the students, for NEET and JEE aspirants or for upskilling. Even school students are making use of these education tech companies during the lockdown period.

Many students and educational professionals are taking up online classes for the students, for NEET and JEE aspirants or for upskilling.

As a result of many of the educational technology institutions like UpGrad, Vedantu, Simplilearn, Educate, Imarticus Learning, and Toppr have seen steady growth in the past few days. The Co-Founder of Simplilearn has said that many professionals are utilizing their time to upskill themselves, especially this trend is seen in the IT professionals.

The courses which have seen a steady increase are cloud computing, cybersecurity, DevOps, data science, and Artificial Intelligence. There is an approximately 15% spike in the course enrolment in the last one month.

On the other hand, the cofounder of UpGrad institution has mentioned that the inquiries for the courses have gone up by 50% in the last two months due to the global pandemic. Finally, they could see that online education has become one of the mainstream learnings now.

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With this global pandemic, online learning has seen a high-growth trajectory. Studies from all areas of life have shifted to online learning due to the COVID-19 fear, as they have stopped traveling to coaching centers and tuition centers.

Online teaching company like Vedantu has stated that the company has seen a 10X growth in user sign up ever since the outbreak happened. The spike in the signups is not just restricted to NEET, JEE courses but the signups have been increased across all the grades.

Students from all the major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Jaipur have signed up on all the major educational technology platforms. Companies like Toppr have seen almost 100% spike in the online classes enrolment, in the past few days. In this social distancing phase, students have opted smartly to learn subjects online, and this can be seen as a potential growth of online learning firms in the coming days.

A lot of tutors and teaching professionals have enquired and signed up on different online teaching platforms.

In short, all the education technology institutions have seen major growth in terms of signups and course enrollments mostly due to the COVID-19. Compared to the previous quarter, all the educational technology companies are reaping the benefits due to the social distancing phase.