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Upcoming NFT Project Cinder

Over the years, technology has made great leaps to create solutions for everyday tasks. In the past two decades alone, web and mobile technology innovation spawned the digital world we know today. Now, the internet holds everything one can possibly ask for. Despite the breakthroughs, developers continued revolutionizing the digital landscape, with the metaverse becoming one of the hottest topics online.

The metaverse had long been a concept among tech enthusiasts, but thanks to emerging new technologies, true virtual worlds have become a possibility. This year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented his latest project that will bring users to a centralized virtual world. Apart from the social media titan, NFT and crypto-gaming projects have been pioneers in mapping this digital promised land. Joining that vanguard is the Cinder Project.

Cinder is a digital dreamworld brought to life by blockchain technology. It’s a crypto-native social hub, creative commons, and free-form MMO community that is rapidly evolving and empowering players in new ways.

The metaverse is populated by the Cinder Fae, a collection of 11,111 exclusive avatars designed and curated by the project’s artists. Each one represents an extraordinary work of digital art that corresponds to a unique, playable game avatar. The Cinder Fae draw from over 150 unique traits of varying rarity distributed across nine categories when generated on the eco-friendly Solana blockchain. Early adopters who secure one of the Fae will own a completely unique avatar in the metaverse that can never be duplicated.

The Cinder Fae NFTs belong to the world of Cinder, a home base for the nomadic vanguard of digital humanity.

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The Cinder Fae NFTs belong to the world of Cinder, a home base for the nomadic vanguard of digital humanity. Here you’ll find the jesters and world builders and boundary-pushers who hail from Chaotic Neutral but aspire to Chaotic Good. Cinder is home to the explorers and storytellers and undercover trickster gods pushing humanity towards its next evolutionary leap.

The NFT project is one of the most promising in the digital space. Some will be drawn to the unique “Create-to-Earn” economy that rewards creatives directly for their work; others might be looking to find like-minded creative collaborators. Cinder is likely to attract a broad audience, including many who just want to hang out with interesting people in a 24/7 festival for the senses.

“Anyone who’s seeking an online community deeper than text threads and knows at least two terrible jokes is welcome,” joked Clark Stacey, CEO of Cinder developer WildWorks.

While a project of this magnitude may seem too ambitious to be realized, the developers of Cinder note they aren’t launching NFTs with a vague plan to find a game development team and figure out how to build scalable MMO infrastructure. The project is ready to launch, tested, and scalable now, and the Cinder Fae are ready the moment they’re minted to introduce crypto enthusiasts to the world of Cinder.

“The Cinder Fae avatars don’t look like other NFT projects because they were created backward,” explained Stacey. “Instead of producing NFT characters, tokenizing them, and then starting work on a virtual world for them to live in, we built the world and the Fae and turned them loose in there to look around and make the place presentable, and now we’re going to tokenize them. The Solana blockchain just happens to be a bridge between our world of matter and energy and the Fae’s world of art and math.”

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Learn more about Cinder by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord server.