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In today’s time, social media platforms are used as a medium for numerous purposes. Right from promoting something to casting one’s opinion to raise voice against wrongful deeds, thus give social platforms the power to make or break someone. 

Amidst all the chaos and hatred, Valery Altamar a Cali based model and social media sensation urge fans to spread positivity on social media. Valery Altamar is a young social media sensation and a prominent brand endorser who’s social media fandom knows no bounds. With more than 2 million followers on Instagram, Valery has been witnessing immense fan frenzy ever since the beginning of her career. 

Till date, The young starlet has come across a variety of followers who not only shower love but also spread hatred. Valery, who has been the face of various prominent brands felt a need to raise a voice and urge people to spread love and positivity. She says, “We live in a world where people need more and more love and positivity to keep going in life. As an influencer, it is my duty to tell everyone that we are here to spread happiness and not hatred. Together, let us make this a better place to live”.

Altamar falls into the category of young achievers who have achieved exceedingly well compared to the expectations as per their age and are appreciated and cherished around the world for their efforts and dedication. This 21-year-old model has proven that consistent efforts invested in the right place always pays off. She is an inspiration to many young people thriving to achieve big in life.

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Altamar has built herself up as one of the most captivating personalities that add value to the brand while endorsing it. No wonder she is one of the favourites amongst lingerie and loungewear brands.