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Vanessa Bethea-Miller

When a child is diagnosed with autism, frequently, abnormal behavior analysis (ABA) is recommended. From the ’60s, this evidence-based therapy teaches skill acquisition and adaptive behaviors while minimizing others commonly associated with this disorder. Self-injury, aggression, and resistance are examples. Repetitive behaviors are often coupled with a challenge with social skills.

While there is no cure, intensive and early treatment can make a noticeable difference in the lives of children who fall on this spectrum.

Seeking the help of a knowledgeable professional can yield great benefits as well as noticeable improvements.

ABA, most commonly practiced as a therapeutic intervention, focuses on evaluating the relationship between behavioral and environmental factors. As a result of this help, the individual learns how to develop new ones, modify others, and cope with daily life tasks with more ease. According to Dr. Ivar, the grandfather of this therapy, 90% of patients make substantial gains from early intervention. The benefits result from a personalized program that focuses on breaking down larger skills into smaller manageable tasks.

Seeking the help of a knowledgeable professional can yield great benefits as well as noticeable improvements.

Now offering online consultations, Vanessa Bethea-Miller is a renowned expert in this field of work. Currently pursuing her doctorate of philosophy in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), she holds a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology with a concentration in ABA, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. A board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and a PA Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS), she focuses her time on providing quality and effective services to her community.

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Her dedication to work with individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities with or without a co-occurring mental illness led her to work as Director of Behavior Support Services for an adult residential facility and as a consultant in the homes of youth and adults. To say she has the experience needed to deal with any type of situation is an understatement. 

As she runs her several businesses and ABA Task Force organization, she took the time to become a published author, tackling subjects she feels are helpful for others in this line of work or simply anyone needing reliable information about child behaviors.

"Shaping the world, one behavioral contingency at a time," says Vanessa.

For anyone looking to increase productivity at their therapy practice, Task Analyses for the ABA Therapy Practice Owner: Streamline Your Processes One Step At A Time, helps streamline your process into daily tasks, freeing time to focus on giving quality service to clients. Building an Applied Behavior Analysis Based Child Care Center: Steps for Success focuses on providing a thriving environment for all children, especially child-care workers.


As a cherry on top, while less informational but more entertaining, her book for kids, I Know What I Want To Be, allows them to discover different career paths.

Time after time, she proves her title as a leading expert in behavioral analysis.

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