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All of us know that illicit substances can badly influence our health. The thing is that not all the harmful substances are illicit (at least partially). You might have guessed that we would talk about weed. To be more specific, about cannabis. Most of the people know that marijuana – so many names this plant has! – may be used for medical purposes in cases of severe diseases.

Does Vaping Cause Lung Damage

In most states, the law allows using marijuana with a special prescription from the doctor. However, it is quite difficult to get such of prescription if you are a healthy person. There are some diagnosis and symptoms when we can use medical cannabis. They are the following:

  • Nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Weight loss caused by such things as nerve pain or HIV;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Seizure disorders;
  • Anorexia;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Wasting syndrome;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Other chronical diseases.

In some countries even storing cannabis vaporizer can be prohibited, even if you have a transit flight. Be careful when you are planning your travel route. Look through the policies of airlines also. Some companies do not tolerate smoking and vaping.


The active chemical elements in medical marijuana are very similar to those, which are produced by our organism, when it performs some processes connected to appetite, pain, movement, memory, etc. The name of such chemicals in the plant is “cannabinoids”. Their functions are controlling nausea and vomiting, improving weight gain, reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles (if you have MS), reducing anxiety, stimulating appetite, slowing tumor growth, and killing cancer cells.


If we talk about the United States of America, the authorities have allowed using cannabis for medical reasons in 33 states. They are: Alaska; Arizona; Arkansas; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; District of Columbia; Florida; Hawaii; Illinois; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Montana; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Utah; Vermont; Washington; West Virginia. The restricted use of cannabis is allowed in Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

If we talk about the foreign countries, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Uruguay, and some others have also allowed using medical marijuana on their territories. However, the laws of usage may differ from those in the USA.


The latest investigations claim that using dry herb vaporizer causes less harm to human health and, at the same time, makes you benefit from the positive effects of marijuana.

Though the question of how to get cannabis arises more often, we have to pay attention to the ways of consuming this drug. The most common ways are a joint and an herb vaporizer. The other less common ways include eating it (in the form of cookies, sweets, etc.), putting a couple of drops of special marijuana liquid under your tongue. There exist many ways, but, actually, the choice is up to you.

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People often have problems with choosing the proper device, because they worry about the doubting safety of vaporizers. At the same time, all of them know that cigarettes cause many problems also. Therefore, the question still is what to choose: an atmospherical gangster’s joint or a modern innovative device – some best weed vaporizer. We would tell you about the pros and cons of consuming marijuana in the form of cigarette smoke and vapor.


Firstly, we need to define what the process of vaping includes and what it means itself. The history of vaporizers starts with the development of an electronic cigarette. Vaping means heating the substance of cannabis, but it does not make smoke, just vapor. It is essential that people release active ingredients of cannabis into the air by the help of dry herb vaporizer.

The latest investigations claim that using dry herb vaporizer causes less harm to human health and, at the same time, makes you benefit from the positive effects of marijuana. Personal cannabis vaporizers exist on the market for a couple of years. They have gained popularity because of the special design – the device works as an inhalation device. There are now thousands of retail stores that sell vapes such as 180Smoke, a popular Canadian vape shop with over 20 physical locations. The functions of the device exclude burning marijuana leaves, which, in its turn, excludes production of harmful smoke toxins, which might have got into your body.

Is the claim that these toxins (carcinogens, tars, ammonia, and so on) may get out only in you burn the plant as in the case with smoking true? Yes and no. The latest investigations say that dry herb vaporizer can produce some of this element but in considerably fewer amount,


To sum up, we have found that vaping brings the negative effect of cannabis down in comparison to smoking. However, if we talk in general, the marijuana plant is a real drug, and you have to remember that any drug can be harmful.

The usage of cannabis may lead to many side effects. They are: dizziness, hallucinations, depression, low blood pressure, bloodshot eyes, fast heartbeat, paranoia, memory loss, deviated coordination, and lack of control over judgment. Long-term usage of cannabis may also cause mental diseases and lower the IQ level.

It is always your choice whether to smoke or vape and whether to use marijuana at all. There might be cases when only cannabis can help, but, you know, it is not the panacea. Our message is to consume marijuana reasonably, using the safest way you know. One of the "safer" vape products on the market at the moment is the Volcano Vaporizer (click here to see details).

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Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons for such its popularity.