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A leading e-cigarette brand VAPORESSO recently just announced its rebranding campaign at VAPEXPO in Lille, France, aiming to reassert its dedication to the vaping community. The campaign started with the unveiling of a new logo, with more to come in the coming month.

Founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of the world’s biggest e-cigarette manufacturer SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has a strong presence worldwide. In Europe, it holds the No. 1 position in the open system vape market for France and Spain. According to the company’s release, VAPORESSO has formed partnerships with 31% of vape stores in the UK, and 25% in France. In the US, VAPORESSO’s products can be found in approximately one-third of vape stores. Against the backdrop of the market, the company claimed they had achieved 35% growth rate in 2021.

According to the NHS, E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco, or produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most damaging elements in tobacco smoke. Instead, they work by heating e-liquid, which typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine, and flavorings. Under tight regulation, many thousands of people in the UK have already stopped smoking through the use of e-cigarettes. Since their introduction, there has been an emerging vaping community made up of smokers who have chosen to make the switch.

With the rebranding, VAPORESSO is focused on providing the global vaping community with greater care.

As highlighted in the company’s recent press release, VAPORESSO’s new logo features the letter “V” at the forefront, encircled behind by the letter “O”. The “O” is said to represent the joy, love and hope the brand hopes to bring to their customers. The “V” is a symbol of the passion to improve the community and the world through new technology and design.

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“I was a smoker for 11 years, before I turned to vaping. I understand the frustrations that people can face during the transition.” says Simon Lai, Chairman and CEO of VAPORESSO, “Making products that can help people get through it is quite essential to me, as it has impacted my life so significantly.”

With these tenets in mind, the company had opened up new ways to enhance its customer support. VAPORESSO recently launched the first flagship store in Marseille, France, making it the first refillable system brand vape store in the world. The flagship store, positioned as an all-around brand experience provides users with 4S services (sales, spare parts, services, and surveys). The company plans to expand 4S stores to Paris and other major French cities, according to Jimmy Hu, vice president of VAPORESSO.

During the launch event, VAPORESSO also introduced the New After-service System to ensure a prompt 48-hour response to partners and customers.

“With in-house developed tech and expertise, we strive to bring a better experience to vapers, while protecting youth and non-smokers from contacting nicotine products. We want to ensure healthy growth of the market and bring a better life to people around the world,” says Simon.

The company stated that they would have more to announce in the coming month.