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Hair and skincare aren’t the first things we think about when it comes to saving the planet. However, the number of beauty products we use has a severe impact on the world around us. From microplastics in the water to glitter that doesn’t go anywhere, we are failing the planet to look good.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who wake up to the threat and do something about it. So today, we want to shine a light on what the future of hair and beauty care might look like once we all start paying attention.

The Problem with Hair and Beauty Products

It’s not just women that have extensive beauty and hair products. There can be no denying that baldness is a vast cultural issue that we treat with numerous products. Alopecia and male-pattern baldness affect 42% of all men and some women, too. Nevertheless, a quick peek in the average family bathroom will reveal numerous products in plastic packaging. 

Ever stop to think about the beauty products we use and their impact on the planet? Then, it might be time to have a long, hard think.

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As an experiment, go into your bathroom and have a look around. How much of the packaging is sustainable? Now imagine this repeated throughout every household. It is estimated that we throw out about 552 million shampoo bottles alone each year. 

And it’s not just the packaging that causes an issue. The contents of many of these shampoos and conditioners, skin care, and beauty products, are questionable in their own right. For example, shampoos contain parabens, which cause allergic reactions in some users. Some shampoo contains poison like formaldehyde, and most contain sulfates. Added to this is the number of microplastics and plastic bottles your average shampoo puts out into the world, and we have a nasty soup of toxicity.

What can we do about it?

There are already products on the market which offer solutions to the sustainability of our shampoo and beauty products. Hair Folli, for example, is one of the best vegan shampoo producers who come to mind. Situated in Byron Bay in Australia, each bottle contains water from the bay. Their hair products are both fully vegan and help to regrow hair loss. So using this one product, you could tackle both your oncoming baldness and your need for lustrous locks. Another good alternative is tbh skincare.

What else can we do about it? First, we can target plastic use in the bathroom and shower in a big way. Second, start saying no to products that don’t come with recyclable materials used as standard. Third, don’t buy things that contain toxic chemicals or microplastics, and start holding yourself accountable for the products that we do use.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Every human being on this planet gives out an average of 5 tons of carbon every year. If we don’t offset this – and soon – we will end up with a whole world of humans with no planet to use. It might seem small to switch your shampoo for something cruelty-free, but to the animals spared and the ozone unaffected, it is the most significant difference you will ever make.