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The meaning of a "successful life" is a concept that doesn't have a fixed definition. However, some elements similar in all people can give an overview of what a person's life should be. From birth to death, a person spends his life pursuing their concept of success in life. It has become a social norm to motivate and sometimes even push this pursuit of fame and wealth onto all following generations.

Realizing one's dreams and achieving all goals is not as easy as said. The bigger the dreams, the more impossible it becomes to realize them. Still, there are many examples of individuals who made the impossible possible and became all they aspired to be through persistence and sheer will to become who they are today.

Anthony Wayne Johnson is one such example of talent and versatility who had the drive to be successful. Today, he is a director, choreographer, and writer. He is also the creator of Ballet Magique.

Anthony Johnson was born on January 22, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the oldest of four siblings, a stepbrother, and first cousin to Marcus Sherels of the Minnesota Vikings football team. At age nine, Anthony moved to Chicago Heights.

Johnson was born with asthma and two different types of porphyria. He spent his early years in and out of the hospital until he turned 35, after which his health improved due to new treatments and medical professionals.

Johnson's passion for moving forward and standing out from the crowd helped him achieve exceptional success in directing and choreographing, including being the assistant choreographer and rehearsal director for the Backstreet Boys.

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While much of the artist's accomplishment are credited by his performing skills, less is known about his teaching and guest speaking. In 2008, Johnson had a least one student in every Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas. In addition, he has been a teacher to many Russian Dancers, including Anna Simonova, the honored Ballerina of Russia.

Johnson's skills and talent are exemplary; the world no doubt wanted to see more of it. To continue his journey, Johnson took several students under his wing. Actress Jazz Raycole, dancer Alanna Archibald, and dancer and shoe designer Aminah Abdul Jillil trained with Johnson from quite a young age and have acquired quite a name in the entertainment industry today.

Johnson mentored Alec B. Clawson, Actor Chidi Ajufo, Actress Charlbi Dean, Cody Green, Alexander Fost, Chris Kaiser, J.J. Villar, Indigo Ciochetti, Vanessa Villalobos, Khilea Jessup and the late Jeremiah Tatum. Most all his students were admitted to top dance schools, including Julliard and The Boston Ballet School. Most of them have performed with celebrities like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and Madonna and known companies like the American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, Alberta Ballet, and Cirque Du Soleil. Jeremiah Tatum starred in The Lion King on Broadway, Alanna was a principal dancer at Béjart Ballet Lausanne, and Cody Green was a star performer in Come Fly Away and Mamma Mia on Broadway, and the recently deceased actress Charlbi Dean, Black Lightning, and Triangle of Sadness. Some students have been cast on So you think you can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Across the Universe, True Blood, The Widow, The Gentleman, and Jazz Raycole, and currently stars on Netflix's Lincoln Lawyer.

Johnson has also served as a judge on several dance competitions, such as "Showstoppers" and "I love Dance." He is also a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and the Dramatist Guild. Johnson for a third time was honored to create a work, this time, the opening number for the World Choreography Awards at the Globe Theater, featuring World of Dance Champion Jaxon Willard. Johnson taught all the top schools in Los Angeles including, but not limited the Los Angeles High School for the Arts, the legendary Millennium Dance Complex, and Westside School of Ballet, the Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles, teaching Rhythmic gymnasts' ballet; his efforts bore fruit when Ballet Magique performed at the Opening of the 2015 LA Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics competition.

In 2013, best-selling author Charles Casillo asked him to write a commentary for the 50th Anniversary of the legendary author John Rechy's City of Night. As of now, Johnson is also publishing his book "C" while being a creative producer for Samaco Films.

Currently, he is directing the Motion Picture Thriller "Alexis Colette." His upcoming film Vodun is dedicated to his husband, Franco Sama. The couple got married on October 25, 2017. Today, they enjoy their time in West Hollywood, CA.

Johnson's aspiration has attracted groups from New Zealand and Australia, who come for workshops in musical theater to learn from Anthony's vast knowledge and experience. He has recently spoken to graduates at Fredonia University in NY.