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It is very common for individuals in an abusive relationship to remain in one – sometimes the reason is self-loathe and sometimes it is the belief that the other person will change for the best. However, abuse in any relationship is a very big red flag, and the individual experiencing abuse needs to call quits in most instances. However, the lack of a direction and embarrassment hinders them from doing so, and they find themselves staying in abusive relationships until they can’t handle any more abuse and experience a breakdown.

There are a number of things one can do if they find themselves to be a victim of domestic violence and abuse

Domestic Assault or domestic violence comprises of a number of things including intimidating behavior in a relationship, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, social abuse and financial abuse. This relationship can be between an individual and their family member or between them and their partner. Since the individual is close to you, they know your weaknesses and when you confront them about their violent behavior they try to possibly manipulate you into believing that their behavior was your fault.

There are a number of things one can do if they find themselves to be a victim of domestic violence and abuse:

1. You need to get external support

Whether this support comes in form of a friend, a coworker, an extended family member, a counsellor or simply your neighbor – you need to get external support and confide in another individual. You need to make sure that you feel safe and trust them to know your condition. This is a necessary step in the documentation process of your abuse when you consider filing and reporting your family member or partner.

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Additionally, this is necessary for your mental health as your abuser is likely to convince you that this was your fault and you need a third person to remind you that their behavior has got nothing to do with you, and that you are not responsible for your abuse in any way. This is because a lawyer will give you honest advice and a reality check on the divorce's legal side, including custody, visitation rights, child support, asset negotiations, protective order process, and more.

2. You need to speak to the police or to emergency services

If you have been injured at all or assaulted sexually, you should contact your emergency services in the first possible instance. There are a number of ways to file a complaint for domestic abuse depending upon where you live, but police and emergency services are the most trusted means yet. If you feel unsafe filing a complaint, you can always contact state support to assist you in the matter.

You should also consider contacting a lawyer who is an expert in cases considering domestic violence and assault. They would be able to guide you and give your professional advice about your best possible course of action and what you ought to do.

3. You should realize your worth

Undergoing or experiencing assault can make an individual question their self-worth and truly struggle with their self-image. It can shake their confidence as many individuals experience assault for a number of years until they finally muster the courage to speak up and state what was happening with them.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Individuals who face assault need to realize that they have found themselves in an unfortunate circumstance which is by no means their fault at all. They need to realize that the problem lies in their assaulter and not in them.