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Florence Nightingale is the reason that now there is about one nurse for every 100 Americans,” says Vince Pitstick while sharing the details of his project #The1in100. Following her footsteps, he wants to produce health coaches in America to end the scarcity of such invaluable mentors. There’s a reason behind it, and it’s bigger than you might think.

As we humans race towards the future, we need to know precisely where we are heading so as to ensure we are equipped enough to cross the obstacles lying in our way. One such obstacle was conveyed by the United Nations, who said that almost three-quarters of the world population would be suffering from some type of chronic disease eight years from now. In such an uncertain scenario, Vince believes that making health coaching part of health systems is indispensable.

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He also believes that health coaches are going to be a great asset of tomorrow. A global business of 7.9 billion dollars, health coaching is a process of conversations, clinical interventions, and strategies to engage with clients or patients to transform lifestyle into healthier one. Therefore, the discipline makes the health coach a personal health cheerleader, friend, and partner of the client. The health coach is essential for people going through any type of chronic disease.

However, as much as the field is vital to secure the future, there is a significant insufficiency and absence of health coaches in the US and worldwide. Vince realized this when working with Metagenics as a functional medicine consultant. He then left the job to pursue his passion and a critical mission by starting Nutrition Dynamic, and the rest is a fascinating tale.

Nutrition Dynamic today is counted among the largest one-on-one health and fitness coaching companies in the United States. With a worldwide client base of over 1000, the company is a trailblazer in the health coaching industry. It creates special fitness programs offered virtually for people with different ailments. On top of that, Metabolic Mentor University is also dedicated to producing health trainers and nurses under project #The1in100.

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Another business contributing to the cause is Metabolic Mentor University. Starting in 2021, this virtual university already has 150 students who are currently being trained as functional nutritionists through different programs. MMU is presently an invite-only institution, so one has to submit a resume in order to get admission. It is going to be public in April.

Many of Vince’s disciples worldwide have already started their practices and preaching a healthier lifestyle, and thousands are in the offing. Vince knows that countering medical calamities will be a bumpy ride, but come what may, he is not willing to back down.

Vince’s Instagram: @Vince_Pitstick

Nutrition Dynamic Instagram: @Nutrition_Dynamic

Metabolic Mentor University Instagram: @MetabolicMentorUniversity