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The world experienced tremendous social change when the COVID pandemic began in 2020. Some of these changes can be witnessed by analyzing how different types of crimes either went up or down in statistics in certain regions.

In California, for example, the violent crime rate increased for certain types of crimes. However, not all crimes can be appropriately indexed into statistics until the verdict is given. If you are charged with a violent crime and seek legal defense in California, remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Your lawyer will be by your side until the end!

Here are some different types of violent crimes that increased in the recent past in California.

Violent Crimes in California

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, the state experienced an increase in violent crime rates in 2020 by about 6%. Aggravated assaults, for example, jumped by about 8.9%. Homicides increased by 7.7%, while rape cases increased by 7.9%.

In 2021, about 67% of all reported violent crimes were aggravated assaults, while only 1% were homicides. Compared to 2019 pre-pandemic levels, homicides and aggravated assaults jumped by 41.2% and 18.0%, respectively.

Robberies went down by 15.8%, yet those involving firearms rose by 0.4% in 2021. Even though robberies, which are acts of theft involving violence or threat, went down, California experienced a spike in 2021 concerning larceny thefts by about 63% compared to 2019. Larceny theft is basically stealing someone else's personal property.

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Violent crime rates increased in California's fifteen largest counties in 2021. However, this situation wasn't present only in California. Many states in the U.S. experienced a similar fate. Violent crimes are offenses that imply harming another person. This includes assault, murder, or battery, all of which are serious charges that can lead to fines and incarceration.


Battery is considered a violent crime in the state of California. It occurs when someone touches another person in a harmful or offensive way. Battery charges are prosecuted as felonies in California, but in some instances, they are treated as misdemeanors.

In this situation, and those mentioned below, the prosecution will decide how to handle your accusations based on your past criminal records and the facts specific to your case.


In Los Angeles, assault is regarded as a violent crime. It involves trying to touch someone in a harmful or offensive way. Therefore, you don't have to physically touch someone to face an assault charge.

Since acting in a way that could cause someone an injury is labeled as an assault, there are different charges that you may face, such as assault with a deadly weapon or a caustic chemical. Individuals can face assault misdemeanor or felony charges based on their case's particularities and past offense history.


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In California, murder is considered the most severe type of violent crime you can be charged with. It involves taking someone's life without a lawful reason. Acts of murder are labeled as first-degree or second-degree, while attempted murder or manslaughter are related to violent crimes. You can face murder charges for premeditated acts or crimes of passion.

You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are charged with any of these violent crimes. They might be able to help you out and have your charges dropped or ensure that you receive lesser punishments.