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While social media hotties are a dime a dozen these days, there are a select few who have found a unique niche to engage that has helped them rise above the competition and make an impact in the industry. For online beauty and model Violet Summers (, bringing her jaw-dropping body and personality to the world of sneaker culture has made her one of the most popular ladies to follow online.

Violet has experienced explosive success online due to her ability to create unique content that blows the minds of everyone who scrolls by. But dig a bit deeper, and you will begin to notice a similar element to nearly every piece of sexy content that this beauty creates - a set of high-quality shoes that turns heads just as fast as the little clothes she often wears in her posts!

The inspiration for her diving into the shoe game came from following online Instagram model Alexis Ren.

The inspiration for her diving into the shoe game came from following online Instagram model Alexis Ren. “I had always been a flip-flops or flats kind of gal. But, seeing those shoes on Alexis Ren, and then watching her pull her pants down at the camera, that was so epic in my mind!”

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Summers took her inspiration from Ren's sexy-meets-shoes and began to search for her own set of sneakers to start wearing in her online content. Prior to getting into the shoe world, the most expensive pair of shoes this online beauty owned were a $40 pair of everyday shoes. Now Summers spends hours searching the store shelves of local shoe stores - looking for that perfect pair that will complete the exciting posts she creates for her fans.

Since getting started in the online influencer world, Summers has collected over 100 pairs of sneakers that line the walls of her home. But her passion for shoes goes far beyond the sneakers - the community that she has found online in the shoe community have been encouraging and supportive in helping her find her unique place among online stars.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Want to see more of Violet Summers and her growing shoe collection? Check out her content online - featuring high-end sneakers and little else - and follow her adventures at her various online accounts. You won’t want to miss keeping up with this Instagram hottie!