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Vlad Gasan

Meet Vlad Gasan, a software product management master who has made a name for himself in the competitive industry of product management. His skillful talent to merge software engineering with product management sets him apart from others. This skill has led Vlad to being one of the most sought-after product manager’s, with designers and venture capitalist investors recognising this and approaching him for his services. Not only does Vlad ship products locally, but he also ships internationally, where he has grown a large audience.

Standing out from the crowd with a competitive edge

Client satisfaction is a key strategy and approach Vlad uses in his product management endeavours. When it comes to building products, he will always ensure they are on the same page with the client’s specific key business performance indicators to deliver to a high standard. They have never experienced a time where a client has returned their products, proving the high quality and standard of the service Vlad provides his clients.

Obstacles are stepping stones to success

Now currently a software product manager and principal product manager at Offer Up, it is a journey that has not come easily for Vlad. As a Ukraine native, his migration to the United States was one of the biggest challenges he had to face to date. His visa had challenge after challenge before finally being approved.

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As a Ukraine native, his migration to the United States was one of the biggest challenges he had to face to date.

The slow process was time consuming for Vlad and took a lot of his energy. Once he got to the United States, he found himself competing head first against other more notable candidates from Google and Stanford for a job - which he was fortunate in securing. This was the pivotal moment where Vlad learned that persevering and persisting through challenging times is actually just a stepping stone to success.

Vlad Gasan Shares His Words Of Wisdom

Having coached over 4,000 students, Vlad possesses extensive industry knowledge. He revealed a secret that guides his success, sharing “understand we are all uniquely gifted and at the same time we face different situations contrary to the next person. Therefore, mastering the art of dealing with the obstacles in your path is what will separate you from others”. Vlad encourages others to adopt “an extra skill that will work to your advantage in a competitive world.”

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Vlad has mentored people who started as beginners, who are now earning 6 figures in under 4 months. For beginner product managers, he highly recommends skills such as data analysis, rigorous prioritization, leadership skills, clear communication, and course technical knowledge. He believes with such skills, you stand at a higher chance to qualify for the higher competing job positions in your niche.