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Any industry that relies on technology, especially powerful ones like the blockchain has seen phenomenal growth, especially with regards to the way they connect with their customers. The fashion industry leaves no exception. The $1.5 trillion dollar industry is utilizing the ulterior advantage of the blockchain to bring its customers closer to fashion like never before and WearU is a proud pioneer of that transition.

What Is WearU?

WearU is the first decentralized marketplace on the metaverse that aims to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. The project comes with various features that will enable customers to experience the clothing lines of their favorite brands and independent creators on the metaverse in a more personalized way. WearU is an intelligent architectural platform on the blockchain that works perfectly with all applications through sophisticated APIs.

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Revolutionary Ideas and Innovations:

WearU has VirtuScan, a revolutionary feature on the blockchain that allows users to scan the 3-D model of their apparel and upload it to the cloud to maintain an online portfolio. Apart from helping brands and designers to maintain their online digital portfolio, the project also allows customers to create digital avatars that they can use to try out the products posted by brands and designers. VirtuScan allows users to adjust the look and feel of their apparel on the cloud by controlling the saturation, hue, and contrast of the 3-D model.

The AI-driven smart engine behind the ecosystem powers VirtuScan and other revolutionary features, like the 3D Live WearU compatible with many metaverse devices available on the market. The other key advantage that the platform offers its users is the integrated dashboard that gives them a quick eagle-eye view of their complete product catalog performance on the platform. WearU is sophisticated in terms of safety as well, with high-end encryption and support for Multi-Factor Authentication/Face ID to grant access to the native wallet on the platform.

Metaverse Marketing Pioneer:

Metaverse Marketing is a reality and with the advanced involvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the WearU platform is taking metaverse marketing to the next level.
The complete platform of WearU is capable of hosting more than 1000 designs per user and is patented and built for speed and agility. The complete ecosystem of WearU connects with other applications through integrated APIs giving big brands and individual creators the advantage of seamlessly connecting their native product catalogs with the ecosystem.

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A Clear Vision:

WearU also allows users to create and transact using NFTs, enabling small-time artists and freelancing fashion brands to get a competitive advantage over well-established brands. The whole idea of the ecosystem is to give any brand, small or big, an equal opportunity to stage their products and experience the power of trade on the blockchain.

Another noteworthy feature of the complete wearU ecosystem is its strong suite of crypto-experts available on their support team. These crypto experts will ensure that any queries regarding the blockchain on the project are clarified with justified data to ensure smooth operations on the platform.

The WRU Token:

Apart from all the amazing features and advantages, the biggest selling point of WearU is that it is the first metaverse marketplace with a unique token design. The design and architecture of the WRU token utilize the best of AI and machine learning to use traditional token specs like smart contracts to enable speed, reliability, and security. As a result of the implication of the smart token, the complete ecosystem is 1024 times faster than any other metaverse-based marketplace. The WRU token will be the official digital currency that will be used to transact within the WearU ecosystem.

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The total supply of the token is around 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) and the complete supply is capped at 600,000 BUSD (Binance USD) to ensure demand and supply. The token is a BEP-20 protocol-based token to make it feasible and reliable for transactions on the metaverse. The public sale of the token is going live on 22nd June 2022 on their official site and all the purchased tokens will be air-dropped right after the event.

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