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If you have just searched for what is the deep web or anything similar to it in Google or any other search engine for that matter then you should be delighted to know that you have arrived on the correct web page. In this article, we will be discussing the essential information related to the deep web. So, make sure that you relax yourself and read the article till the end.

What Is the Deep Web

These days due to a lot of privacy concerns over the Internet, people have started to discuss more about terms like Tor, best VPN, proxy, etc. It's not that there weren't any privacy issues over the Internet some years back, it's just that people have started to realize over time that what they are being served is not the only thing out there. Having this in mind, they have started to navigate more towards other areas of the web.

What is the deep web?

For some, deep web is a myth whereas for some it's a dark place of demons. Let us tell you that it's nothing at all like that.

For some, deep web is a myth whereas for some it's a dark place of demons. Let us tell you that it's nothing at all like that. This content which you are reading right now is a part of the surface web. Right from Google to your social networking sites, these all are a part of the surface web. But, underneath lies a lot more content of the web that's not directly accessible through our regular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox. The content that doesn't make up a part of the surface web or in other technical words, doesn't get indexed on our day to day search engines, that's what deep web is all about.

A lot of crucial pages and documents never form a part of the surface web. Why is it so? For the simple reason that these are embedded deep within private networks, away from the regular users eyes.

What's Tor?

For the layman, Tor is like a specialized browser which basically allows a user to connect to the other areas of the web. Through the normal browsers, you won't be able to access the deep web as they aren't designed for that purpose. The Tor software has been designed keeping anonymity in mind and that's why whenever you use Tor to access the Internet, all of the traffic would get encrypted through it.

Points to keep in mind while accessing deep web:

If you don't have enough knowledge then we won't ever recommend you to visit the deep web but still if you have decided to go for it then here are a few points that you can keep in mind while browsing the deep web. Also, ensure that you only use Tor or some other trusted software for accessing the deep web. Now, let's go:

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Understand that Deep Web & Dark Web are not the same

Some use the dark web and deep web as interchange terms but it's important to understand that the two are totally different terms. Yes, it's true that the dark web can be a part of the deep web but the vice versa isn't possible. A lot of unindexed links can be accessed via TOR, but not all of them are actually safe to browse. It's recommended that you use TOR as it not only helps you to visit dark web links but at the same time it is a great way of hiding your identity.

Being anonymous doesn't guarantee that you are safe on the deep web. Ascertain that you have prior knowledge of the websites and or links that you are going to visit. Landing up on any wrong information or illegal website can put you into trouble. Not only that, visiting any unknown link also makes you highly prone to security issues.

You never known when your system may get hijacked and in this, your personal information can too get compromised. We recommend you to to have a powerful and reliable Antiviral installed as this way you will be able to keep your system safe from any kind of attacks. According to us, the only trusted and correct way to ensure that your journey on the deep web is safe is by having full information about the links that you plan to head towards. The links which don't have anything illegal to offer can be considered safe and then you are free to make the move.

Don't make transactions on Deep Web

The Deep web is not controlled by any government or authority plus it's not bounded by any rules. So, if you tend to make any purchases on the deep web and you mess up anything, then you will be held responsible for it. It's not a secure platform and that's why it's recommended to not perform any kind of transactions by entering your confidential information. The data entered like debit card details can get compromised and later on be used for malicious or illegal purposes. If you still can't resist from making any transactions on it, then we recommend you to perform it through some crypto currency only. The best in this case would be considered bit coin as it's widely accepted and with it your identity also remains safe.

Make sure Children are safe

There are all sorts of content on the deep web which may not be very right for your children to view or browse. So, try to ascertain that your children are prevented from accessing the deep web. One of the ways through which this can be accomplished is by installing child locks on the system.

Deep web is a place that's dangerous in itself and due to its dark nature, you can find all sorts of wrong stuff on it right from contract killers to illegal drug marketplace. Until and unless you are not a security expert, we don't recommend you to visit the deep web. But, still if you have to access it then make sure that you keep fully safety and visit with all precautions in mind. We hope that this article would have given answer to your question, what is the deep web or basically anything surrounding it that you wanted to know.