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It is good to know that students come from different backgrounds and that dramatically influences their performance in school. I remember one of the things that made me see learning differently was when I found out that I can pay someone to write my research paper for cheap online. That was because I had no excellent writing skills yet I could not risk my grades for anything. Before that, it was tough for me to cope with my classwork knowing very well that when the results for the essay come, I will not be happy at all.

What Motivates Students

Like many other students, I got motivated by the simple fact that I will no longer have to worry about my scores on research and essay papers. Other things that have helped many students improve in their academics include;

Change in attitude

So many students perform dismally in specific units because they have the wrong attitude. The sad thing is, attitude is not easy to change unless you accept to be helped. However, it is essential to know that when you change your attitude towards the subject, you hate the most; you will be giving it a more approachable angle that makes you understand it better.

Pressure from the family

Once you are in college, your whole family will be looking at you, and they will want to know if their scholar is going to be a professional one day.

Once you are in college, your whole family will be looking at you, and they will want to know if their scholar is going to be a professional one day. But, the moment you take your bad grades home, the disappointment in your parents' faces should be pressure enough to make you realize that you are an essential asset in the family. While some parents seem not to care, you need to understand that no one is impressed with bad performance especially when school fee is being paid.

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Students to student coaching

One of the easiest ways to learn is having your peer teach you. That is because; they will use the correct language that will not confuse you. The moment you finish learning a concept from your friend or classmate, it is imperative that you keep practicing or studying more so that you can be able to catch up with the rest of the class fast. Students who perform poorly in class seem to improve dramatically when paired with a coach his or her peer.


While some students struggle to get motivation in school, some are motivated by what they want to be in the future. You must have had people who want to be doctors ever since you were in pre-school and today; they are in medical school. Such people usually are highly self-motivated and are the best students when it comes to coaching slow learners because they look at themselves as professionals already.

A big promise

One of the best ways to get the grades up is putting something at stake. Typically, children have things that they desire. Good parents know that the best things in life are earned and this should be the best chance for you to challenge your child to see how focused they are when they want something. Also, it's an excellent way to keep their grades up because they will find it easier to study and perform better in school rather than have to work and earn money.

Challenge from other members of the family

We all have relatives or siblings who are our peers and can en be in the same school or class with you. While you can boast about having your cousin being on the same level, you will not be so boastful when they score an A, and you do much worse than the majority of the class. Such things can motivate someone to prove themselves while in return; they will be doing themselves a great favor even without knowing it.


It is good to know that when it comes to motivation, it has to begin from you accepting your flaws and deciding to do better. Students have it rough sometimes especially when work seems to be overwhelming to the extent that their performances can deteriorate. However, as a student, parent or teacher, you should know that motivation can come from the smallest of things.

Maria Hills