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Have you been counting on getting Social Security checks to assist during a time of disability? Has the government rejected your initial claim?

When Denied Disability

Do you feel angry? You have every right to feel so. After all, you've probably been paying Social Security taxes on every paycheck that you've ever had, so you are certainly due your money if your disability claim is valid.

If you've been denied disability checks, then you're in the right place. In this article, we'll go over five legal steps that you can take to ensure that you get your claim approved.

1. Resend Application Materials Using Certified Mail

Remember that there's simply no guarantee that the Social Security department received your application materials if you did not use certified mail. The employee processing your claim is completely removed from your situation and does not have the emotional investment in the claim that you do. If a few crucial application materials got lost in the mail and are missing, then there's a chance that you would never know about it because the employee processing your claim wouldn't have taken the time to let you know.

By sending your application materials using certified mail, you can prove the reception of all your medical evidence and other documents by the department.

2. Schedule an ALJ Hearing

If you want to appeal the decision that denied you disability checks, then you need to schedule an ALJ hearing. ALJ stands for administrative law judge. This type of judge operates locally and will process and decide on appeals for things such as Social Security claims.

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3. Submit Additional Medical Evidence

One of the reasons why your claim may have been denied is due to insufficient medical evidence to prove your disability. If that is the case, then you need to get together additional documentation that proves your medical condition.

Talk to the hospital where you received treatment to get them to provide detailed records of your condition.

4. Get Testimonials from Medical Professionals

When you talk to the hospital to get additional records, take the extra step to consult your doctor and ask them to write out a letter detailing your condition. A personal letter from a medical professional can carry a lot of weight during the processing of a disability claim.

5. Consult an Attorney

Last but not least, if you've been denied disability then make sure that you consult an attorney. When dealing with the government, you're always in murky legal waters. The right lawyer can help you navigate these unclear conditions and file a disability lawsuit, especially if you don't have any prior legal experience.

Do These Things When Denied Disability

There you have it — if you do these five things after being denied disability checks from the Social Security department, then you'll stand a much better chance of getting the initial decision reversed so that you're able to receive those checks you've been counting on.

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