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In the modern era of attention seekers, shock jocks, and pranksters who take things way too far, Jschlatt is a well-known name. He is known to cross over lines of impropriety. Many people like the controversial lifestyle of Jschlatt, which made him earn around four million followers on his YouTube channels. He is also a good gamer and has collaborated with CallMeCarson and Dream until January 2021, when an accusation of sexual misconduct was made against Carson King.

Origin Story of Jschlatt

Jschlatt claimed on a famous fan site that September 10, 2001, was his birthday which was a day before the 9/11 historical attacks. That year the famous site also gave him birthday wishes on the social media platform. However, he replied expletively that it was not his birthday. His fans quickly pointed out that he had lied about his birth year. As per one post, jschlatt was born on September 10, 1999.

Real name

The Jschlatt real name is Johnathan Schlatt. He is a famous YouTuber, podcaster, and video game streamer from New York. He became popular and rose to prominence due to his funny voices in his streaming videos. To produce funny sounds in his video content, he uses a Logitech C920. He is fond of playing Minecraft and is popular for his excellent gaming skills.

Being born on September 10, 1999, he is of 22years as of the year 2022. Since he celebrates his birthday on this date, he is supposed to be a Virgo with this simplistic information. As per his zodiac, his personality traits include persistence and innovative nature. A miniature match of his name to the zodiac character hints that he is a flourishing and compelling leader.

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Height / Weight

Jschlatt is around six feet three inches tall, so he is quite tall. He is around seventy kilograms and bears a slim body, tight biceps, and muscles. It is quite certain that he works out regularly, and his tight muscles tell us about his heavy protein diet. Even though he is fit, he has not displayed his fitness interest anywhere.

Net Worth

Jschlatt's net worth in 2022 is around $103 thousand, with more than $8 thousand monthly income. He earns his major income from YouTube and additional revenue generated from video game streaming. Apart from these two sources of income, he also earns by selling accessories and clothes via his merchandise.

Family and his Early Life

Johnathan Schlatt belonged to a normal family in his early life before becoming the famous Jschlatt. He was born and brought up in the city of New York. His fans knew him from his voice only before he veiled himself. His anonymous appearance made jschlatt all the way more interesting. He attended his school in New York and is a high school graduate. His courses were in cyber security and computer science.

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He was also a student at Harvard University. Presently he resides in Brooklyn, New York. There is no information about his parents and siblings as he has not revealed his details. He is battling a disease named Parkinson. He has also co-hosted a show called Sleep Deprived.