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Resume writing can be a challenging task, especially if it is your first time doing it. You may feel like you need some help. To whom can you turn?

Do not worry, there are plenty of resources at your fingertips. Below, will talk about how educators, business associates, acquaintances, resume professionals, and the internet at large can help you with your resume.

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If you are still in school or are a recent graduate, you likely have a teacher or a professor whom you can ask for help.

In fact, resume writing is a regular part of many junior high and high school curricula. You might also learn about resume writing and certain university courses.

English professors are also a good resource because they can likely help you with formatting and grammar.

Business Colleagues

Behind almost every successful business professional is a good, strong resume. If you know someone who has recently been hired, you might ask them if you can view their resume or if they can help you write yours.

If you are planning on leaving your current job and you have a good relationship with your boss or manager, you will likely ask them if they can provide a letter of reference or be contacted as a reference.

If so, this is a good time to ask them for resume assistance. In their position, they may see your resume, skills, and experience in a different light or perspective than you do. They can inform you as to what they would look for if you were asking them for a job.

Friends and Family

Just as you asked your work colleagues about their resume successes, you can do the same among your friends and family. If someone has recently been hired, for instance, you might ask them about their resume - what they include, the layout, etc.

Caution is in order when getting advice from your friends and family, however. Why? Well, family members and friends can be our greatest cheerleaders. They may also be reluctant to needed offer criticisms for fear of hurting your feelings.

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Since this is the case, well-meaning confidants may cheer on a resume that actually needs some work. That is why it is good to seek out objective parties such as those discussed above and below.

Resume Writing Websites

Believe it or not, there are a number of online resources that you can use to get excellent resume advice.

For example, resume builder websites such as Resume Giants provide resume-building tips, examples you can view, and easy-to-use resume templates.

In fact, using an online resume builder can take the stress and guesswork out of creating your resume.

On the website, you'll be prompted to enter all your necessary information - your name, contact information, education information, descriptions of each of your previous jobs, and other optional sections as well. Then, the software will place the information exactly where it should go in a beautiful template.

Boom! Instant resume.

Many of these websites also include a chat feature where you can ask questions and get advice based on your specific circumstances.

Additional help can come from proofreading software such as Grammarly. After all, nothing may turn a hiring manager away from a resume quicker than a glaring typographical error. In fact, once you activate Grammarly on your internet browser, it will highlight errors and suggest changes right inside the resume builder text boxes. You will know that your finished product is clean and error-free.

Professional Resume Writers

If all else fails, you can always hire a professional resume writer. Resume writers do all the hard work for you, although the process will require a little effort on your part.

You'll need to provide the resume writer with all the necessary information discussed in the previous section. They may also want to converse with you in person or on the phone to get to know you a little bit better or to delve deeper into your specific work experiences and abilities. This will allow them to create a better, more tailored resume for you and the job to which you are applying.

What Is the Best Choice?

Which of the above sources of resume help is best for you? All things considered, we recommend using an online resume builder and then having a few trusted individuals - be they teachers, workmates, friends, or family - to look over your resume and make suggestions. Then, you can go back and make any needed changes.

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Additionally, using a resume builder makes it easy to create a tailored resume for each position you apply for. Rather than giving every hiring manager a generic description of your past, you can focus on resume keywords and highlight the most relevant experiences.