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Why Canada Needs Immigrants

Canada is facing labor shortages in some sector, which is why it is the primary reasons of accepting immigrants, especially the professional ones who can perform better than others.
Why Canada Needs Immigrants

Canada needs newcomers as much as newcomers need Canada

If we take a glance from two to three decades back, folk migration to Canada was an unusual occurrence. If we talk about a decade back, it was a little bit popular in developed countries, but nowadays people from developing countries wish to settle in Canada because some of their relatives are residing in Canada. There are various reasons for folks to emigrate from developing countries for instance; to get a high scale job, to have a high standard of living or to merely gain life experiences from a distant land. Toronto Immigration Lawyer reveals the secrets of many countries including Canada who are allowing so many immigrants. There may be diverse reasons for a country to admit or encourage newcomers for permanent residency. But, there are seven main reasons for this, which are elaborated further:

Shortage of Skilled Professionals: In a perfect world, every nation has its own qualified workforce for each and every field. Even though, this is not the reality of many countries. Take an example of Canada; it is facing labor shortages in some sector that is why it is the primary reasons of accepting immigrants, especially the professional ones who can perform better than others.

Canada is facing labor shortages in some sector, which is why it is the primary reasons of accepting immigrants, especially the professional ones who can perform better than others.[/pullquote]

Cost Effective: Generally, the countries that pick immigrant workers are the First World countries and they hire skilled workers or professionals from outside, especially from the Third World countries because employing the local residents is much more expensive than hiring from outside world. Most of the big industries and companies have a preference to transfer their employees from other outside branches like India or China. Plenty of money used for appointing and training new workers is saved this way.

Economic Growth: As immigration is a mutual beneficial system for both the applicants and the nations, Countries like Canada and Australia are opting for those immigrants that belong to the skill-area because of shortage in skilled professionals. These professional immigrants not only help to establish the company, but also contribute to the growth of their adopted country's economy. The casino industry is booming: allslots casino reviews.

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Aging Population: Another fast emerging core reason behind thousands of immigrations is the aging population. Let take an instance of Canada, recently Statistics Canada has released a data about a fact that most of the baby boom generation has reached 65 in 2011 and the population of Canada is aging. Due to this reason, Canada is planning to opting nearly 1 million immigrants by the year 2020 to balance its population decline.

Most Canadian societies are Urban: The statistic from 2007 to 2017 shows that nearly 82.18% of the Canadians from the total population has been living in urban areas or cities. Canada is one of the largest countries in the world about land area. However, Canada´s residents prefer to live in cities where there are more potential to work and play. As a result, countryside areas are experiencing a population decline. Reducing rural areas and growing urban areas are placing a demand for more immigration.

Canadians prefer living alone: A clearer picture of a Canada has been released recently by Statscan where same-sex marriage, single-person households, language diversity and bilingualism are on the rise in Canada. More Canadians are choosing to live alone as women have become independent to pay the household bills by themselves and as the country's population ages which reflects high divorce rates and unbalanced population.

Immigration shapes the Canada's demographic profile: The inhabitants and workforce are becoming multi-ethnic as Immigration continues to shape the Canada's demographic profile. For the Canadian demographic development, immigration plays a vital role in re-shaping the population. It is admitted globally that Canada stands near the top in the number of immigrants. Canada admits around 240,000 to 260,000 permanent newcomers in an average year. Immigrants comprise 26% of British Columbia's population, according to the 2011 census, 41% of the proportion is much higher in the Lower Mainland.

The above mentioned statistics clearly show that immigrants are the main driving force of Canada's economic growth with the average Canadian fast reaching the age of retirement. This is the main reasons for Canada or any other country to opting for skilled professional immigrants.