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Engagement Ring

Before any marriage is the act of engagement where a couple shows the intention to be with each other for the rest of their lives. It’s a well-celebrated event that usually hits the soft spot of many people. Proposal videos are big hits online, they are emotional and you will always find someone crying in the background with nothing but admiration for the newly engaged couple. There’s just something about seeing people so sure of spending a lifetime together. And of course, a proposal isn’t complete without a beautiful engagement ring.

A beautiful engagement ring is so important for a couple

The History of Engagement Rings

In modern times, an engagement ring is an item used as an indication that a person is already committed to someone and is about to get married. How engagement rings were viewed in the old times, however, was different. Such rings symbolized ownership of a person which is how a wedding ring was also seen back then.

The practice of giving an engagement ring to someone is believed to be from a Roman custom wherein wives wore rings that were attached to keys to show that they are owned by their husbands. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), said that Roman women who wore certain types of rings like ivory, bone, copper, and iron meant that they were in a business contract or to affirm mutual love and obedience to their partners or husbands.

The wearing of a ring during betrothal became something official in the 9th century when Pope Nicholas I had declared that an engagement ring is a representation of a man’s intent to marry. During this time, gold became the popular choice which was also the case during the Pompeii era.

1447 marks a significant change when it comes to the materials used in both engagement rings and wedding rings.

1447 marks a significant change when it comes to the materials used in both engagement rings and wedding rings. This was when the Archduke of Australia, Maximilian, proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring that showcases long and narrow diamonds in the shape of “M”.

It took a few years for diamonds to be a staple material for engagement rings and wedding rings but when more people heard of it, many of the European nobility started to propose it. In 1947, DeBeer, a popular company known to mine diamonds in South Africa launched a campaign with the tagline “A diamond is forever”. This was advertised by Hollywood stars and it played a big role in the rise in popularity of such engagement rings.

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Today, diamonds are still a popular choice for an engagement ring but there are now plenty of other choices too. It’s no secret that natural ones can be very expensive and so lab-grown diamonds, which are generally less expensive, are becoming popular. Gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald are also becoming the preference of many people. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring: A beginning of commitment

Engagement Ring

What Role Does the Engagement Ring Play in a Couple’s Marital Relationship?

The view of an engagement ring as a symbol of ownership has definitely changed as time goes by and today, wearing an engagement ring is not about being owned anymore. It’s more about showing a higher level of commitment and being in love. It’s about letting people know that a person is happy and excited to be spending a lifetime with a special someone. It’s an indestructible symbol of love that has the same effects as a wedding ring.

Surely, nothing trumps deep commitment and genuine feelings for someone, but it’s sometimes hard to express all that in words. The giving and wearing of an engagement ring are sure-fire ways to show all that with a physical symbol. It’s a ring that has a never-ending shape, and when it’s given, it will always be a reminder of a very special moment.

What is the Added Value of an Engagement Ring for Marriage?

Aside from how symbolic an engagement ring or wedding ring is, there are still other reasons why both are extremely valuable in marriage. Getting natural diamond engagement rings is an investment. The beauty of this stone never fades. It is a timeless treasure that you can pass down to your children. It has a significant value in today’s market and will remain so in the future.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are the same. These lab-grown diamonds and custom-made rings make your love special, unique and long-lasting without spending as much as on a natural diamond. Don’t get confused about the differences between a natural diamond and lab-grown diamond because the latter is very real and still costs thousands of dollars. However, it’s generally 30% less expensive than natural ones but so worth it because the naked eye can’t see the difference between the two.

Other natural gemstones, engagement rings and wedding rings are also no different. Many people are starting to prefer other gemstones because of their uniqueness. Certain gemstones are chosen for their originality and they also have other meanings like how it could signify a person’s birthstone. Some gemstones are also worth investing in because of their appreciating value.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Many may be quick to dismiss the importance of both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. However, these two are timeless physical symbols of a deep and strong commitment to a person and relationship. The act of giving these rings during the proposal and the wedding itself will always be an emblem of fond memory and meaningful exchange that only ever happens between two people who are unconditionally in love.