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William Siveter was the same as many men as a youth. He rolled the dice on buying every release of a product, thinking one day he would have the greatest collection on earth. Like other men, he had a dream of living out his adult life more like the C.KHiD rap video ‘Rich Life Forever,’ more than the philosophy of Bob Marley; Simply from selling that collection. And while most of these hopium addictions don’t pan out, Siveter’s did.

What Siveter Collected

Who knew when Steve Jobs introduced the MP3 Player known as the ‘iPod’ to the world at over $200, the world would catch on?

As most, William Siveter did not. Why would he, at less than the legal age to have an alcoholic beverage

However, the item fit his lifestyle so well, the Augusta-GA native ended up with two. Both were gifts, as family members saw the then-teenager’s passion for music and sports. This, plus his constant name-dropping, landed the young tech enthusiast his first Apple iPods.

Siveter would find the 1st generation iPod to be the perfect quality and accessory to his gym routine for high school sports. He kept the MP3 player with him at all times during scholastic activities.

That habit became a lifetime habit. To make sure he had a music player at all times, each year William found a way to buy the latest Apple iPod. Generation 1 update, Gen 2s, 3s, and more. And witch changes in the technology, Siveter began to expand his interests beyond the typical Apple store release. The younger Bill, perhaps one could say ‘The Ipod Prince’ at that time, also noticed there were limited edition Ipods.

Siveter talked about this in a recent Facebook post.

“I remember first realizing I was collecting Apple iPods and not just buying them. [I] Thought the 1st one and the limited editions would hold value.”

And his ideas have proven to be correct, here just over 20 years later. As Apple discontinued its famed MP3 player, the generation 1 Ipod’s value skyrocketed.

However, going through his own personal struggles, Siveter almost gave up on the idea.

He continued on Facebook, “And I almost gave up on that idea when I went through some hard times, living in Los Angeles. Glad I did not sell them. My iPods changed my life.”

Indeed a great thing, Siveter did not sell. As he went on through his teenage years and early twenties, ‘Bill the Prince’ turned into the King of iPod collectors. He amassed over 70 iPods and it included multiple generation 1 players and extremely limited versions such as the Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and London Olympics iPods.

Are Apple Ipods Worth Anything?

All together, Siveters group of iPod’s was estimated to have a value of around a quarter-of-a-million dollars. ‘Was’ being past tense because he has sold some of his collection since the nostalgia fever took over Apple fans and prices exploded to over 1000 times higher than the original retail price.

Some of Siveter’s collection that stood out include the following 5 super-rare Ipods:

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  • Apple iPod Generation 1
    • release date: October 23, 2001
    • Est. value: $25,000 - $39,000
  • 2012 London Olympics Ipod [see here]
    • release date: june 2012
    • Est. value: $65,000

  • Harry Potter 4th Generation Ipod
    • released September 2005
    • Est. value: $25,000- $40,000

  • Stainless Steel 3rd Generation
    • release date: September 9, 2009
    • Est. value: $5,000-$12,000

  • Beatles iPod Classic [ see here ]
    • release date: October 2008
    • Est. value: $25,000-$100,000

Of course, these prices are only estimates. The values are determined by the buyer’s motivation, the event for which the Pod was produced, and accompanying detail. To some collectors, simply having a receipt can shift the purchase value by 4-figures.

All estimated values are based on mint condition standards; An unboxed product.

William Siveter purchased iPods in doubles and triples, depending on the fan following behind the collaboration releases.

Where & How Much To Sell For?

William aka Bill did not find the majority of his buyers on eBay. Though he did make a few sales there, the Augusta music fanatic found many buyers from social media platforms and on-line Apple communities. He told iLounge in a recent interview, people reached out to him after seeing his story and posts in forums he made about his collection.

The total amount he’s gained from selling off his collection, Siveter’s keeping private. Though almost all sites have concluded, the 30 iPods he’s professed to sell, probably raked in close to $250,000 (USD).

The Georgia native’s admitted the amount made was life changing. His plans are to use much of the money in new tech-world investments. Mainly William Siveter’s investing in cryptocurrencies Shiba Inu and Bitcon. A portion will also be put into traveling through 2023 with his wife.

Beyond the invented things Siveter’s finding he can do with his new money, a recent facebook post also suggests he’s still collecting iPods. William stated he’s watching auction sites for rare iPods, and building up his collection again.

With so much coverage sweeping the internet on the Billy GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) of iPod Collections, his social media profiles are growing with the hype. His Instagram @Bill_Siveter and Facebook accounts give the latest of his life.

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People who have an iPod collection or one of the MP3 Players in mint condition, may be the next to have their life changed. Keeping up the King of IPods can be of benefit surely. His investment strategies may also be something to monitor. This iPod collection was a great start for his track-record of wins.

Learn more about William Siveter:

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