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Wilton L. Triggs

Instagram is one of the most famous and developing social media platforms known to date. Video and photo sharing channels reached 1 billion monthly active users in 2020. More than 500 million people still use the platform every day. Since 2013, the user base of the application has grown tenfold. It continues to expand mainly among teenagers and young millennials. Among users, 71% are under 35 years old. These people search for trending content they follow or shared from famous accounts. The application provides many tools to help you enhance and distribute your content to attract more viewers. Believe it or not, its content trends and features make it an accessible platform for Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II, to make an account on Instagram to boost engagement with patients.

Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II Instagram account

Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II. is now on Instagram to raise awareness among the people about cosmetic surgery. He chats privately, posts health tips and other patient success stories and pictures from his daily life to encourage people. As a licensed professional cosmetic surgeon, he successfully targets this type of content and has nearly five digits in followers, which are increasing. He shares engaging content that people seek out, which is why his engagement increased quickly.

Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II desire to improve society, deep-rooted nature, and exquisite knowledge has given him an outstanding achievement as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II desire to improve society, deep-rooted nature, and exquisite knowledge has given him an outstanding achievement as a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery is a large and diverse subject that requires a lot of patience and determination to master. The relentless studying for many years and then being accurate in practice needs innate expertise and indispensable knowledge. Some surgeons are working tirelessly to make great achievements in their profession and its promotion in society, and Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II is among those plastic surgeons.

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Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II journey to achieve his goal of becoming a plastic surgeon is encouraging. He grew up in a poor rural family in the northern Alabama countryside and was very humble as a child. He grew up in a single-parent family and was never formally exposed to medicine. Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II is an excellent plastic surgeon who has faced and overcome systematic racism with a professional and humane approach.

Educational Background of Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II

Dr. Triggs was in his sophomore year at his university, and he wanted to know why people were sick. This problem allowed him to learn medicine and graduated with honors from Nashville's Meharry Medical College. Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II was an excellent student with a high level of understanding. He also graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a degree in biochemistry and minor degrees in biology and mathematics.

He had multiple interests in the medical field but felt a connection with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery itself offers various skills, including burn surgery, cosmetic surgery, pediatric surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and head and neck oncology. The actual connection with this area came when he learned that plastic surgery needed a limited amount of tissue to solve complex problems and reap the maximum benefit. His exemplary knowledge, hands-on skills, and unparalleled passion have made Dr. Triggs the first black apprentice in the department of plastic surgery at the University of South Florida.

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Social media, in general, is fundamentally used by younger generations that tend to avoid going to the doctor for consultation. Meaning, medical specialists can reach this audience through this social media platform. By taking popular content ideas and applying them to practice, Dr. Triggs boosted his engagement. This helped his Patients get credible and valuable information about cosmetic surgery to apply to their own life to change. Follow Dr. Wilton L. Triggs II on Instagram his username is: @wtriggsmd.