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Body positivity is much more than just a buzzword. It might have recently picked up momentum, but the origins date back to the fat rights movement of the 60s. Fast-forward to the early 2010s, and there was a whole new wave challenging unrealistic feminine standards. We saw a shift from the 60s fat-shaming movement to the “all bodies are beautiful” concept. Gradually, the true potential of body positivity was realized. But even after all these years, did the fashion industry successfully catch up with the whole purpose of the body positivity movement? Let's find out.

Fashion Going South

The industry seems to be coming there, but there is still a long way to go. The sector is plagued with issues like inconsistent sizing, influencer-led trends, paid promotions, fast fashion, mass production, human rights violations, environmental degradation, and literally no significant brands worth investing in. Unsustainable fashion is upsetting, and there’s less focus on celebrating women, celebrating body positivity, and honoring diversity.

Body Image Issues

It won’t be incorrect to say that the trade has a toxic relationship with body image. For so long, we have seen brands promoting impractical beauty standards, and they continue to do so. There may be a slew of businesses taking the lead, but the footprint isn’t as huge. This dents the self-esteem of women and can be outright life-threatening. Don’t believe us? Multiple studies reveal how many young and adult women have had the most horrifying experiences with body image issues.

Who Is To Blame?

A negative body image comes from family, peer groups, media outlets, societal pressure, and cultural backgrounds. In fact, it is quite literally a factory-made concept by the fashion sector. It wants women to turn to select labels that promise to fix their imperfections but rarely do.

Fortunately, we have started to turn around the tide and bounce off the inaccurate definitions of beauty. However, this doesn’t mean we’ve reached the point where we’re walking the talk. The fashion industry still requires a lot of work and inclusive design, product, and marketing choices.

What Is Body Positivity In Fashion About?

Body positivity in fashion is about challenging the stereotypes so every woman can feel good in her body. When women surround themselves with like-minded brands and role models, they become resilient to those photoshopped images and let go of the impossible standards created by society. They know they are worthy despite what society thinks they must look like. But this doesn’t just start with bringing out a clothing line they can relate to and feel most comfortable in. Brands must also educate women about what true beauty is.

“The fashion industry is one of the most problematic industries in the world, and as citizens of the world, it is our responsibility to do something about it,” says Saina Nia, influencer, fashion designer, and founder of Saina, a solutions-based company offering high-quality, sustainable fashion pieces that empower women, and make them feel beautiful inside-out.

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Saina Doing Body Positivity Right!

Saina, which means Phoenix in Persian, is a women’s clothing brand offering trendy and sustainable fashion to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. Saina offers well-designed everyday and sportswear to help accentuate the female form. Each piece is made with love and is meant to flatter women, putting back the power of looking good right into their hands. Body-positive clothing can enormously impact women’s confidence and mental health. That’s precisely what Saina Nia wishes to achieve through her brand. The company is out to disrupt fast fashion, so women aren’t exhausted by the endless barrage of sponsored ads and ubiquitous unboxing videos.

Not only is the brand working hard to eradicate unsustainable fashion, but it’s also educating women to feel good in their skin and body and take it from there to dress the way they like.

Creating a Product for People

Women must not limit themselves to industry standards and embrace body positivity regardless of appearance. Furthermore, brands like Saina are recognizing demand and broadening their product ranges. Labels are creating products for people and not just for a percentage of consumers. Companies are bringing out positive, unapologetic clothing. They believe no one must be embarrassed about their personality.

Women disliking their bodies is such a waste of time. Just because the industry doesn’t recognize the need yet doesn’t mean they’d want to fall for what’s not fit for them.

Being More than Just a Hashtag

Indeed, there’s some elitism in the industry that makes fashion unattainable for many. Besides, there’s a lot of pressure on women to look and dress a certain way that’s unlike them and not correct for their bodies. Changes in the industry arrive only when brands are forced into them. Those negative and inaccurate perceptions of designers and brands also cause serious societal damage. So, there needs to be a severe mindset shift to drive a positive transformation.

The fashion industry can be a powerful force to drive joy, confidence, and creativity. Many brands continue to benefit from hot trends. However, regardless of the trends, body positivity must be normalized. Sustainable, body-positive fashion brands like Saina are out here, into the playfield, working on ensuring everyone thrives in an inclusive environment.

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Saina believes in the feminine force and celebrates women, women must also feel their beautiful selves and stay strong because change is happening right now, in real life, outside of just an Instagram hashtag, and you must be part of it too