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Workstyle Game

The process of recruiting the perfect candidate for the job and the process of landing the perfect job just got easier! Over the years, businesses have struggled with the hectic hiring process that often leads to them settling for whatever candidate they can get instead of the best one. 

The arrival of Lensa’s Workstyle game has caused a paradigm shift that truly changes the game. Lensa continues to leap over boundaries and smash limitations as it grows. With its reach now extending towards various countries around the globe and its over 10 million users, the impact of this innovative new work style game is massive.

Lensa has taken a quantum leap into the future by creating an AI-powered, tech gamification Workstyle Game that changes the job recruitment process as we know it.

All around the world, the labor market keeps changing to try and keep up with the current digitization of even the most basic processes. Lensa has taken a quantum leap into the future by creating an AI-powered, tech gamification Workstyle Game that changes the job recruitment process as we know it.

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One common trend with Job seekers is “skill stuffing”; this is when job applicants jampack their resumes with both relevant and irrelevant skills with hopes that at least one catches the eyes of a future employer. But job seekers are not meant to search for jobs blindly. Lensa recognizes this issue and they have set the pace for the advancement of a new era. 

Their timely innovation has revolutionized the labor market. Job seekers and businesses alike can benefit from this new invention. The AI-powered platform predicts the career path of applicants when they register by allowing them to play a work-style game. The game assesses the skills of the participants by carefully monitoring their every. Their moves are evaluated and measured 400 times per second based on their problem-solving decisions while playing the game. The entire game result is simply based on how the candidate plays the game to arrive at the final solution and not the final solution itself.

After the game, the candidates receive a short description, with a list of skills, as their result. This description/result is also forwarded to possible employers with an image of the applicant and a list of both their soft and hard skills. Lensas workstyle game helps its users to be more precise when choosing a career path. 

This has cut down on recruitment time drastically because employers only get information about candidates that are perfectly suited for their advertised position. So it eliminates the question of “is he/she perfect for the job?” Lensa is setting a pace that even its competitors are finding it hard to keep up with. They have proven that they are indeed way ahead of the game.

Lensa’s core reason for creating the work style game according to its CEO - George Vari is to “impact people striving for a meaningful career positively and help them to land their dream jobs.” In driving this mission forward Lensa has achieved far more than any of its technology-driven counterparts.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

In this post-pandemic era, the workstyle game saves time and much-needed resources for businesses and job seekers alike. It’s an all-in-one solution to an age-old problem.