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Worm City Metaverse: Introducing the 11,111 Worm City NFTs

Worm City

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have emerged as a frontrunner in the race to actualize a decentralized financial economy or a virtual economy. The rise in the popularity of NFTs appears to be unstoppable and irresistible, not only because NFTs represent a fun way for investors and holders to do something they enjoy but also because it represents an opportunity to collect items and tokens they find relatable and still make a fortune while doing so. Coming at a time when the NFTs space is expanding, a new token by the name of Worm City has emerged, and from all indications so far, experts believe it is going to be an unstoppable force that'll take the NFT space like a storm.

Worm City is the latest NFT featuring 4,343+ attributes to combine 11,093 worms and 18 unique animated characters. Worm City is built on an algorithm that combines elements in the best way possible to meet the rarest ratios in the NFT space. Worm City features professionally animated unique worms with original voicelines. The team behind the NFT has also divided the collections into elements and numbers for future competitions, leveling-up events, and seasonal progress. The most notable feature is the Rick and Morty style with familiar emotions, meme poses, clothes and attributes.

The Worm City developers set out to create a virtual Worm City set in the metaverse that can be seen in every particular background, item and color details.

Worm City features a game coming Q2’22 based on competitive elements where NFT holders can compete with non-NFT users to win Worm token and special rewards. Launch is dedicated to ‘Epic Games Store’ marketplace. Ahead of Worm City's official launch, there will be a mayoral election event for the first person to mint or purchase the required combination of NFTs with lots of exclusive access for a winner. The game also features a marketplace that serves as the basis of the game's reward system for both the NFT holders and other players.

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The Worm City developers set out to create a virtual Worm City set in the metaverse that can be seen in every particular background, item and color details. "Our target audience is people who love quality content and solid roadmaps. We reward early holders who believe in a solid roadmap and exponential growth of our ecosystem. Those are mostly crypto and NFT holders who prefer long-term investments and huge gains compared to short-term scalping and intraday strategies," the team shared.

Worm City has Epic Games, Google, and Dribbble members backed by 2 full-stack developers, game developers, and animation artists already working on Season #2 series. The initial price of every Worm® is 0.08ETH. Interested holders will be able to mint a maximum of 30 (out of 11,111) items per one transaction. Minters can also use multiple wallets to mint more and gain the rarest NFTs in Wormshington, the city.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Be a part of Worm City and mint your NFTs to qualify for the Mayoral election via its website or join social conversations regarding the token and Worm Metaverse on Twitter and Discord.