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Many students often use the well-known expression “From session to session, the student lives cheerfully, and the session is only twice a year”. But when there are only a few days left before the session starts, then the student has a huge number of questions: “How to pass the session?”, “How can I work out the classes that I missed without a reason?”, “Who can help me to write my paper? ”,“ How to write a paper in just one night?”, etc. In this situation, the main thing is to remain calm and not to panic. If there are circumstances that you need to write a paper in just one night, read on and you will learn how to do it.

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It should be noted that many students have already coped with this assignment, which means that you will also succeed. Turn on the computer, open a text editor and start to work:

  • Gather all your strength. If you just remembered today that tomorrow you need to hand over the work to the teacher, then you have the whole night ahead and you can easily complete the assignment. So you have about 12 hours. Those students, who started the task in advance, worked about 2 hours a day and spent approximately 12 hours. Remember this and it will give you optimism and the realization that you are able to write this paper too;
  • Choose a topic. You do not have much time to write a paper, so a correctly chosen theme is the key to success. Very often, the teacher does not give an individual topic but provides students with a list of guidelines. This is a big plus because you get the opportunity to choose the theme that interests you the most. If the topic of the work is predetermined by the teacher, then try to understand what you need to write about;

Almost every paper should have a plan, a certain structure, which further ensures the provision of a logical presentation of the material.

  • Make a plan. Almost every paper should have a plan, a certain structure, which further ensures the provision of a logical presentation of the material. The general structure of student papers is as follows: introduction, main part, conclusion, list of references and applications. Here difficulties may arise in dividing the main part of the work into paragraphs. If this is a theoretical paper, express a few ideas. Each idea should begin with a new paragraph. If this is practical work, the main body of the text should include the theoretical and practical part;
  • Try to find the information. To write a good paper, you need to try to find as much relevant information on this topic as possible in textbooks, magazines, and the Internet. Do not forget that in the work you will need to provide links to sources from which this or that information is taken. Otherwise, your paper may be considered plagiarism. Try to spend no more than an hour studying literature. This is an important stage, however, you should proceed to the process of writing;
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  • Write the main part. Select the source of information, where your topic is best described. Take it as a basis and start writing your own unique paper. Try to represent the material logically, give examples and visual materials (diagrams, tables, figures, etc.);
  • Write an introduction and conclusion. It is recommended to write an introduction and conclusion when the main part is already completed. You should illustrate the relevance of the topic of your work, formulate the main problem, determine the goal and objectives, as well as the theoretical and practical significance in the introduction. In conclusion, try to briefly summarize your paper;
  • Make a list of references. List all the sources, mentioned in the paper, in alphabetical order. Try to arrange the list of literature in accordance with the requirements of your educational institution;
  • The correct design. Teachers always pay attention to the correct design of the work. The guidelines provided by the teacher should indicate the basic requirements for text formatting: page settings, font, spacing, alignment, etc.

Therefore, we gave you recommendations on how to write a paper in just one night. Everyone can write it, the main thing here is your desire and efforts!

George Maybach