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Now that you have your new contact lenses, from reliable retailers such as Pure Optical, it’s essential to have a daily care routine to ensure both your lenses and your eyes remain in tip-top health. Keeping your lenses clean and protected will help to prevent any issues and so, depending on the type of contact lenses you have, it’s important to follow your optician’s instructions. To help get you started, check out our guide to taking proper care of your contact lenses.

Why it’s important to keep your contact lenses clean

Your vision is precious and so taking proper care of your contact lenses will help to protect from any infections which could irritate your eyes and potentially damage your sight. And, unless you have single use contact lenses which are designed to be disposed of daily, you will need to get into an effective lens cleaning routine. If you want to know more about taking good care of your contact lenses you better visit for more information that will definitely help you.

Carefully cleaning your reusable lenses before and after you insert them will make wearing them feel comfortable and keep any nasty bacteria at bay. And correctly storing them overnight or when not in use, will keep them nicely moisturised and ready to be worn.

Types of cleaning solutions available

To keep your delicate contacts clean and healthy, you will need a specialist cleaning solution. Your optician will advise you as to the best product for your lens prescription but as a general guide, there are several types, including saline and hydrogen peroxide, with a multi-purpose solution the most popular.

A multi-purpose solution cleans, rinses and disinfects your contacts and many offer a no-rub solution, although there is no problem with still gently rubbing each lens to ensure a thorough clean.

Cleaning your lenses

Now that you have the right solution for your contacts, the core rule of taking proper care of your lenses is to always use fresh solution every time you clean them after a day’s use. Here’s how to effectively clean your lenses:

  • Wash your hands first, and thoroughly dry with a lint-free towel to prevent any tiny fibres getting onto the lenses
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  • Carefully cover each lens one at a time with the cleaning solution and if necessary, use the pad of a finger to very gently rub the lens surface to remove any debris build-up
  • Rinse with saline solution or your multi-purpose solution
  • Carefully place each lens into your lens holder, filled with the correct solution, which will disinfect as well as maintain the necessary moisture until you need to wear the lenses again.

Take care of your lens case

You will also need to regularly clean the lens case by discarding any old solution and rinse with fresh before leaving the whole case to thoroughly dry. The cleanliness of the case is essential to the safe use of your contact lenses so make sure you also replace it with a new case every two to three months.

What not to do

To ensure your lenses can effectively do their job, here are a few ‘what not to do’ tips:

  • Avoid hand moisturisers which can leave a residue on your lenses when you clean them
  • Never use water instead of a specialist cleaning solution as water can contain bacteria
  • Always use fresh solution every time you clean, and never reuse old solution
  • Never share contact cleaning solution and always use solution that is in-date

And finally – when it comes to properly caring for your contact lenses, always follow your eye specialist’s instructions and if in doubt, seek professional advice.